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The Dream

The Dream ( Part 1 )
Waqas Rabbani


The office was closed for the day, the clouds were grey, and the streets were flooded so you couldnt walk across without getting drowned to your ankles, and still it was pouring, the lights had gone out a while back, and i was wondering what to do, going stir crazy within the four walls of the prison i called my house, i called it a house because it was empty, felt emplty, packed with all the creature comforts of modern life it was still cold and empty; and utterly depressing.

i had nothing else to do so i dragged my lonley ass down back into bed and closed my eyes,

Her perfume and her lovely arm draped across my chest and her warm body snuggled up next to mine, the beautiful rays of the morning sun shining through the window, and my heart was at peace, in the knowledge of her presence and her essence, and with the feeling that all was right in the world,

i brushed her hair off her forehead and gently kissed her on her forehead,

"Hey lover" i said

"mmmm" she moaned in her sleep,

i rolled her over and leaned in and kissed her on the lips and felt her coming awake, felt her lips answering mine, her beautiful form gliding under mine,

she opened her eyes and hugged me, "wow" breakfast in bed, hmm what did i do to deserve this kind of treatment" she said playfully,

"well it has been more than a few hours since i kissed you, i was starting to miss you," i said roling over and pulling her on to top of me.
" well i should not kiss you more often then " she said putting a finger on my lips and getting up off me,

i reached out and grabbed her from behind and held her kissed her on her neck, she moaned," you can try "i said as i picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.

An Hour Later

sitting in the kitchen with the sounds of breakfast silling on the stove, with a cold glass of OJ in my hands , reading the morning paper,

"20 more today," when will this stop i said in a growl

" 20 people " she said Shocked, oh My God, it's getting worse everyday, i dont know what the local law enforcement is doing.

"sitting on their ass and getting fat off their bribes, i guess it's not the only reason, what can they do , they dont have the orders from above"

"but still 20 people getting killed that's not something to take lightly, i mean after all 20 lives, women, children it's too much to think, she said as she put my breakfast in front of me, a pair of sunny side up's and crisp toast, just the way i liked it,

sitting down in front of me she started buttering a slice while i took another sip of OJ and kept scanning for some good news in the rag.

" you know you shouldnt read the news the first thing in the morning in these times, it's only gonna depress you " make a habit of reading news before you go to sleep at night, at least then i'll be able to take your mind off it" she said pulling the paper out of my hands and stuffing my mouth full of buttered toast.

"you can take my mind of the news anytime Love" i replied with a mouth full of toast.

"Uhh Uhh uhh" dont talk with your mouth full. " she said playfully wiping the side of my lips.

"so when will you be back" she asked

" umm cant be sure got lots of work today at the office and you know boss is an A hole with a Capital A. can't really be sure. but we'll see.. i said getting off the table and picking up my laptop and bag

"i was going to drop by madiha's place today and catch up, i think i'll be back home by 5." she said coming close and fixing my tie.

"take care of yourself i'd really wouldnt want you to go out with the things outside the way they are but i cant have you sitting in all day and getting bored now can i " i said kissing her

"love you"
"love you more" she said

"love you always and forever " i said. as i held her in my hands


she was standing in the window watching me back out the drivei waved to her and she waved back and smiled, it was grey and the clouds threatened rain, navigating throgh the busy streets. between cars and bikes, finally rached the office and the parking was flooded from last day's rain

it was a job getting to the office ,got some mud on my shoes, i hate it when that happens,

the day passed by uneventfully, had a few urgent mails that i had to reaspond to , the regular water cooler gossips about who's into who and who's finching the company, and the boss's latest temper tantrum,

at 4 i recieved a text from her saying she's on her way back because the way to madiha's was flooded and that she's stop by k mart and get some groceries.

at 4:15, deafening crack of lighting.

and torrential downpoar, it was raining so hard i couldnt even see outside the window, tried calling her and no response, couldnt focus on work, so i got up of work, told the boss i was leaving for the day, half the office had already left so he didnt give me too much flack,

4:35 kept calling no reply, news on the radio there had been a huge accident at the underpass in clifton more than 10 cars were stuck in the underpass and a tanker had apparently slid off the top and fallen down, there was structural damage and a lot of cars had been crushed,

4:37 bell rang, it was her, she was crying and panicked " i'm stuck and i'm hurt the underpass i was driving down and then there was this weird sound and then i blacked out and my leg is stuck the front of the car is crushed and the water is coming up..

"honey listen to me just calm down, i'll be there in a flash, just breathe , dont cut the line ok keep talking to be, i said as i swerved the car around and put the pedal to the floor,
10 minutes Later

the whole underpass was wrecked on one side and the other side the tanker had fallen sideways blocking the exit. most of the cars near the exit were crushed under the tanker the one's right in the middle were flooded already and the other's were flooding fast.

i skidded to a halt there were so many people standing on the side no fire brigade no police , i started running to the edge and someone grabbed me

"it's a fuel tanker and it's smoking dont go there said an elderly man

"my wife is down there i screamed and i shoook him off and jumped the gap. i landed on a crushed black civic, right at the edge of the exit near the burning tanker,

i could smell the fuel. and i could see the flames edging closer to it.. i didnt have much time,

i grabbed a chunk of concrete that could fit my hand and started searching ...

i saw her behind the windscreen there was blood on her forehead. i ran to her. the water was above the passenger side door already. and only few of the cars had moving occupants, i ignored everyone and made a beeline for her slid over a car and splashed in front of her, she was unconcious, i knocked on the glass and she stirred

she looked at my face and put her hand on the passenger side door, i held the chunk of pavement in my hand and showed it to her and motioned her to back away, as soon as she had turned around i smashed the wind screen with all my force, it shattered and water started pouring in, i kept smashing to break loose shards and make an open space, and there was already too much water in the car, i knew we didnt have much time because of the water and the smoking tanker,

i swam in and grabbed her, she screamed and lost a lot of air, i put my hand on her mouth to stop her and then breathed some air into her, and moved down to see that her leg was trapped under the steering, i put my head outside the windscreen took another breath and saw that the tanker was on flame and heard and felt people up top running away and screaming.

i dived back down and gave her some air then turned and pulled with all the force in my body and ripped the steering out, i grabbed her and pulled her out, she kept fainting on me and my heart kept screaming not like this not like this...

i pulled her out on top of the roof of the car and shook her.. she started gaining conciousness, i took another look at the burning tanker i pulled her up close to me and hugged her fiercely, she held me back and started sobbing,

"i looked into her eyes and said I love you" she sobbed back I love you more .

" i kissed her thinking , I'll love you always and forever "
Flames and Fire it felt as if i was clothed in flame and pain like i had never felt before
a giant hand picked me up and smashed me against a wall everything went red then black...

i woke up in bed with a drowining in sweat.. the room was hot as hell, i had forgotten to open the windows, got up and listened to the sound of the rain on the window and the children playing on the streets i held my head in my hands, and the emotions and the feelings they trickled out of my mind like water from cupped hands,

i could still feel that kiss, i could still remember that taste, her scent,

i got up and walked to the window opened it, and there she was, the girl of my dreams on the roof of the building next to mine enjoying the rain with her friends, she didnt even know i existed, she didnt know how much i wanted to love her, how much i had fallen for her.

sometimes i wish i could fall asleep forever, sometimes dreams are more beautiful than reality, i thought as i walked down the stairs, and stepped outside in the rain......

The End...

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umm.. i hope u don mind i kinda copied this.. :P
is this the end.. or will there be more...

nah there are 3 more parts, i'm going to add hyperlinks to the next few parts so that you can follow :) currently suffering from writer's block haven't been able to write past part 3. let's hope i get over that hump..

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