Friday, 14 October 2011

The Symphony of Lust

No Title A Little Risque--
Alex Rogue Cadavid Brummit

Seeing the curves,
and feeling them move,

Supple yet firm,
the touch of bare skin,

that swells slightly so
into hills making hips

and flows lovely down,
shaping plains that are legs

and ends in crescendo
with sublime painted toes.

Parting the plains,
traversing the swerves,

Sojourning deep inside
into rainforest flesh.


The Symphony of Lust
Waqas Rabbani

Your Breath,
Ripples down my Spine..

your Form,
Gracefully Gliding with mine,

Our Lust,
A Symphony Divine,

Recklessly In Passions Wine....

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This is just awesome... What are you guys by the way? Freaks? In a long distance lusty relationship? :P

sort of :) ... we writers tend to molest each other verbally from time to time :D , it's an occupational hazard

I am freakified by reading this marvelous piece of shi....

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