Friday, 14 October 2011

Far Winged Deception

As i sat near lake, placid, serene
the far winged moon, embraced, i saw
the lovely lips,of mysterious depths
the horizon melted,shamed to see
that fragile, sapphire, encrusted sheen...

the zephyrs them, of mercury blew,
and around my being, rose a gale
upon its sensuous, enticing, touch
that made me shiver to my core
A prompt, for summons, brought to me

Hamadryads and their songs and dance
awaited in the clearing, East
it begged me rise,it begged me see
the endavours of the nymphs,at play
But held in Selene's enchantment, Enraptured

I made no move , Allured nor seduced,
by witches, the foolish, sluts of trees.
Ampelos, Morea, Balanos, Syke
the Seed of Oxylus Four of eight
They Called me, their call, haunting, Sweet

I rose to go, i heard a cry,
from deep within the water's Depths
Egregious Charon i Saw released,
That bastard Twisted Ether Him
Hailed me From his Post i wept,

It was not time for me to go
" Beg Hades for another Day"
" Just Let Me Stay, You , Damned Despair"
" Or Will you Let me pass for Free"
I Blurted out in Contempt, deep

To Which Replied, That Villain Him,
"Fare is Paid Its Time to Go"
Surprised, Anew by his retort,
I asked who my Odysseus be,
With Malice and mischef in his eye, he said...

"Who Other Than your Queen, Selene"

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