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This is my complete poetry collection of all the poems that i have created over the period of my life.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

You need to read this if you have ever suffered though loss of love, or have recently broken up with someone like me.


Just take some time and stop and smell the roses, dont you get tired with all those sounds, and machines, let me take you for a ride, though nature , in your mind.

My Life Story - Part 1

The earliest memories i had when i was born , the beauty i used to find in life, the innocence, the fond moments that now ache the heart....

State of Mind

When all the sounds stop, when your breathings stops, when time stands still, what is the state of your mind......

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Prelude - Key to Success

I was sitting and working on a project and the light went out, i was stuck without anything to do so i let my mind wander as usual.

while i was thinking i realized that all throughout my life i have felt that i would do great things someday, and weirdly enough in the same moment i thought about how many other people alive at this moment on this great third rock from the sun felt the same as i do.

the moment this realization struct me, i felt a kinship with all my fellow wanderers, the victims of marked destinies, i began to think of all the people who had achieved success in the past, those that knew that they were born to do great things, which got me thinking about the reasons, the causes, the why's and the when's , and it started a whole chain of thought in my mind.

i started churning my brain recalling all the books i had ever read, all the biographies of those successful writers, and then my vision broadened, i started thinking about all the notable names of the past and present and started thinking about their achievements and their paths and trials that they went through to achieve their success, this got me thinking about the people who never find their path, those that never see the moments that bring everything to gether, those people that never get their catalyzing moments, those that fail to see their staiway to succes.

i have seen many people in my life who have not been able to achieve their greatness, people who work hard all their life and never find their defining moments, people who struggle , day in and day out. and never achieve success, people like you and me who know inside that they are ment for bigger and better things and still never get to find those catalyzing moments, those moments that become the key to success.

i immersed my being into these thoughts and i realized one thing, i saw a parallel, in my mind's eye i felt the hints of strong overlapping patterns, and i realized , that creating those cirsumstances was what was needed, getting that moment, getting those lives linked to yours, getting those threads of destinies intertwined to become an amazing tapersty that could catalyze the seeds of greatness inside.

there is always a chance to become great, what we fail to see are the connections we need to build, the karma we need to gather, the thoughts we need to bring and the one's we need to deny, the feelings we need to feel that magnetize our soul, and bring the catalyzing moments closer to the path of our destiny.

my heart tells me to read more into these thoughts, that it is something that i was born to do, these thoughts somehow bring my mind peace, one that i have never known for a long long time, in my troubled life, a feeling of belonging to a purpose greater than me, with me being a piece of the whole, and not important yet not insignificant, a feeling of being woven in the tapestry of the lives of those people my purpose will connect me to, a sense of the energy of combined fate and chance being plied and forged by will and thought.

another side of me , the darker part of my soul tells me that this is too big a task, and that my meager soul is not worth it, i may not be strong enough, this voice of doubt is a powerful voice, and what it makes me realize is that i alone do not have the strength to end this voice, that my tapestry cannot be forged from my thread alone.

i will share my words, this is what it comes to at last, in the hopes that other's who wish to find me will find me, and we will weave together a masterpiece of shining destinies, for a hope that our threads will weave a better future, for the greater good.

i will patiently wait to guide, to instruct, to challenge, and bring other's to the realization of their destinies, it is what my heart tells me i am born to do.

i wish not to be a king
rather a maker of kings i be

living in hollow hovel
where even giants will tread with awe.

Let my words find them
and let their fates be bound

for the fulfillment of cherished passions
for the greater good of all.

and on this i bid Adieu

May my words find you on feeting wings of chance and good fortune, and may my words be a talisman, to make your dying embers flash forward with pheonix grace and begin to shine anew.

Yours Truly.

Rambling Sage.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to get web design clients

i have been in the marketing line for the past 9 years of my life working exclusively in I.T. related products and services, and i have learned a thing or two about the psychology of the species of mammal known as the Clientus Most Supidus, and i am here to share my findings on my utopian method of procuring website projects from the said species.

the web design frim that i work with has the complete mechanics, web designing is specialized with a wholly seperate design team, the PSD to HTML process is carried out by a seperate team altogether, and the Core Development Team provides Dynamic Development Solutions on Open Source CMS such as Wordpress and Open Cart or even Develop PHP based customized projects, now that you know what mechanism is in place, allow me to enlighten you as to how to make it work.

Firstly i would like to inform you that i myself Being the Team Leader of all these functional teams as the Head of Business Procurement, meaning i am quite technically sound when it comes to design , HTML and WordPress and other CMS platforms, and i can hold intelligent conversations with development teams. which is the key element that really helps me out in securing the projects in the first place. remember , you can never send a boy to do a man's job, you can never have a non technical grunt gain the client's attention ( Trust me i have tried and have had to fire entire teams ).

This is my Method of Interacting with the open Market.

1 ) Doing Homework.

Fist thing i do is actually create a target for myself abour some specific industry and specialization, meaning to say i build my own niche, doing some in depth research, for E.G if i were to pick up "Vetrinarians" as a project i would actually make it a whole folder on my system , and start searching for all the vetrinarians in my geographic range, using classifieds and other resources,  i would break my data off into two chunks, those that do not have websites, and those that do have websites, then i would further break off the section into two chunks of people who have good websites and people who have not to good websites, once the grunt work is done i will start developing my product.

2 ) Creating a Product.

This method is totally different from the usual methodology of actually going to the market and making cold calls case to case and offering web solutions and asking the clients what they want, this is the part that makes you stand out as a web design agency that has it's stuff all togehter.

Remember the homework we did in the previous step ?.. we take that same homework and actually learn the functionality and the types of navigation that other Veterinarians have and the kind of user interface that other veterinarians have deployed on their websites, we take the best of the best features from the websites and list them out on a piece of paper, and put a lot of time intensive effort into improving on the existing concepts with our ability and experiences from other industries.

once we have our idea, we create a design framework we have created the basic elements of a website design, we take this idea that we have created and develop a mockup of the project meanwhile the mockup options are being prepared ( Create a total of 5 to 6 options each with totally different concepts like horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, parallax scrolling and 3 column and 960 grid design ) we move on to step 3

3 ) Initiating contact

Opening up an avenue of communication is a crucual step at this point. so now is the time to pick up that phone and gas that car and have that suit ready, because we are now going to conduct some meetings ,introdcing yourself as a typical sales person would be stupid, using flashy terms like Key account manager for their specific industry, or business promotion expert, that kind of thing ususally goes well with clients, basically you want them to feel that you are coming to them to help improve their business scenario, which is what you will ultimately doing in the long run by providing them a better face to present to clients, and functionalities that help optimize some crucial business processes.

tell them that you are specifically working on the local market in that particular industry, and that you have some observations you want to share with them, assure them that the consultation will not cost them anything if they have any reservations and be as helpful as you possibly can be sharing your ideas about how important a strong online presence can be for their business and showing them those websites that are well designed based on your experience on searching online.

this will potentially help in showcasing you as a professional and a relavent person for their need. tell them you will email them your findings and once you feel the client has had a realization dawn upon them that they do need a good website, ( this you will feel when they usually lean back and start listening to the things you are saying ) go ahead and tell them that your team is creating some designs for this industry to be shared with all businesses that require an updation of design, and that you would be more than willing to share those designs with them in a second meeting , inform them designs will not cost, but if they decide to work our the project you will charge them for the development services.

go back to your office with a lead in your hand and send your research off in an email to your client, talk about what they liked and did not like in those websites you sent them, get a feel for what they want, and adjust your designs in process accordingly.

3 - B ) Catching up on the laggards

sometimes you will have some great meetings and they will like the designs and need something to tip them over the edge, for these kinds of clients , have your team actually create 1 or 2 excellent designs into HTML and upload them on a demo URL on your server to showcase the same design to that client that just wont say yes and hand you over the cheque.

in my practical experience most of my clients have crossed that barrier of making a decision to moving ahead as soon as i showcased my live mockups.

4 ) submitting your proposal

once you have all design options prepared just arrange a second meeting with your client, and go on and showcase your designs, do remember to show them in parallen to the good and bad designs of the same industry. so that they have a measure of your design proficiency.and once the discussions have tapered off from what they like and dont like towards the moment when they start talking about how to start work, whip out your proposal and start talking.

( now on making the proposal i have to share my thoughts, usually what i have seen is that just webiste clients are kind of boring and too much of a hassle, so i basically have a large design team and a social media team as well. when i offer services i go ahead and give the complete package of web design with social media and seo which usually goes very well with my clients. )

5 ) Negotiations.

remember to quote high and leave a margin, the average Clientus Most Stupidus has the tendency to negotiate to at least 40% of the listed price, so try to hit this in the sweet spot and you will score, if you have not given the client a margin enough to be comfortable for you, make sure that you offer add on services in the same price so as not to go below asking price, or offer to break the payment in installments to make them comfortable for the client.

these were my steps in securing the perfect client, i have had a lot of success in working in this manner and i hope all of you who follow this process will achieve success

have fun and happy hunting. :D

Thursday, 12 July 2012

i have writer's block now !!! WOOT WOOT

i have writer's block, it seems that the creative juices that used to flow in my head are not flowing anymore, and that passion that i used to have in the beauty and poetry of the written word fails to excite my heart an soul the way it used to.

i feel as if i am constantly stuck in a cloud of sorrow, a cloud that veils my creativity, and shadows my inner light, making me unable to shine the way i wish to, the way i want to.

i don't know how i am supposed to go on this way, with all this darkness in my soul hindering my growth and ability.

there are so many things that i think about, that make me restless take away my sleep at 2 in the morning, so many unfulfilled desires and needs, so many thoughts and words that need vent, so many emotions that i have not been able to color with my words on the parchment of my reality.

i feel like a fuming volcano, not being able to pen my words, not being able to think freely is having such a bad impact on my psychology, i am constantly irritable, constantly angry, always in a bad mood, not really caring about what i should do, and what i can or could do.

back when my mind was under my command and this void these fumes of confusions had not yet gripped my mind, i was carefree, and i had a beautiful soul, and such beautiful thoughts, then for reasons not known to my, my mental utopia was engulfed in the fumes of this senseless void, and a darkness engulfed my mind, consuming my creativity and part of my sanity.

i walk senseless, unfeeling and uncaring of the world around me, not really knowing what i am doing and not really knowing where i am going, losing all sense of my direction and sense of belonging.

these feelings of isolation never go away, always inside my mind i feel that i have nothing more to go on with, always i am stuck thinking how to go on. and in my confusion i lose all coherence.

this writer's block will be the end of me, i wish there was some way i could break free of these vices that grip my mind.

sometimes i get surprised over the fact that something so simple as an thought born of the ether could trap a mind such as mine, not saying that my mind is brilliant than anyone else, but the mere fact that something can debilitate the powers and extent of the human mind is simply astounding.

i believe the human mind to be the most dynamic of machines, capable of sustaining itself indefinitely, able to self repair, able to recover from critical failure, able to perform under immense stresses, yet still so weak as to be trapped in the musings of a simple thought born of the ether.

i wish i had studied psychology and read more about how the human minds works, i would then perhaps have been able to control what had been happening to me.

still. all can ask for not are prayers of those who stuck with my musings for this long and have read to the end of the passage, i don't know why you read what i write, perhaps what i write resonates with you, i hope i am able to give you a sense that you are not the only one out there facing the things you are, that would give me some peace and equilibrium.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Essence of My Being

Silence may claim my soul
yet my heart will burn fierce
vengeance pumping poison
inside my still form.

my thoughts may be muted
and my ID may scorn
but inside i remain, hopeful
the dawning of another day

passions burning passions
their phoenix burning grace
inside me lit ravaging emotions
that even death cant claim

i ramble onward, through a haze
my mind engulfed in ether
the fumes of despair
nether they disperse, i lie

solvent to my depression
insolvent to happiness
that lies beyond reach
unfelt, yet seen, a veil

a slim ray of hope, in vigil
nocturnal often felt, dispersed
the moments that entice, emotions
raw and unfulfilled.

ever onward i crawl, bleeding, thorns
rending bits of my soul, tearing
ripping into me with maniacal cruelty.
yet still i endure, her smiles, they light my way.

the waking mind, blind to all
the mind that sleeps thus speaks
and depth of emotions , fragile hopes
born of life, and love, i weep

the mist it lifts, realization dawns
mind thus freed, my ID rejoice
a lightness of being, unfelt before
a cold breath of air, on burning mind.

burning soul, and burning grim, all still
a moment all makes sense,essence unlocked
the words they flow onward,
dew from a leaf, rain from feather.

still i fear, the poison lies
deep inside my bitter heart
thorns that rend my soul
come abstinence, come make me whole

a meaning lost on worlds, and beings
from me to you this message lies
far from me , such things you say
my heart it turns a blind eye.

with burning passion, in my veins
i burn the world, the beings within
come abstinence learn, the power of will
and how it makes us one.. someday....

Conflicting Emotions - The Storm Within

it's been a while since i have taken to words to explain how i feel inside, my words seem halting, rusty, derelict, the old skill now blunted by lack of use, and consistent abuse, but as always i will soldier on, with a stiff upper lip. i have recently met someone who has started to change me from the inside, and has given me a new reason and an outlook on life that i desperately needed, i Dont know if i can go so far to say that i am in love, having by heart broken twice in the past means i really cant be sure of what my feelings are. i have put in a lot of time in trying to rationalize my feelings but i have always fallen short, i have never been able to put my exact feelings in words. and this time is no different. i feel a sense of lacking inside me, she is so noble and good and pure whereas i am not worthy, i dont feel like i deserve her, my past is so polluted and convoluted, and the distance between us is so great that nothing can ever work out, and whenever i let these thoughts take seed inside me it feels like a great chasm opening up in my heart, i dont know how i could have fallen for someone i have just met, and dont even know anything about. she keeps reminding me the same thing, but it takes me no thoughts at all to look inside my heart and find that i truly am falling for her by degrees and the days go on. i dont know what the future holds, and i dont know where i will end up, all i know is that there are these feelings inside me that just wont quit, that force me to feel the way i do, and i can only hope and pray that she would feel the same way someday.

Friday, 11 May 2012

War or Peace - It's ours to choose.

I remember when things used to be so simple back in the past, I remember my childhood being so simple, and bright and carefree, I don’t know when we crossed that epoch into this new era of blood and violence, it seems so weird and painful sometimes.

I have stopped watching the news altogether, I believe that too much heartache makes one heartless, and I really don’t want to desensitize myself more than I have already become, every time it seems that I turn around there’s another bomb blast, another mass killing, another crime against humanity, and it’s not just that it happens in my country, it happens all over the world.

Sometimes it makes me believe what Agent Smith Said in the matrix

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and realized that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans do not. Instead you multiply, and multiply, until every resource is consumed. The only way for you to survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern… a virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer on this plant, you are a plague.

I wonder if the writer who created that monologue was thinking the same things I am thinking right now, honestly with all the things that I see happening around me, it makes we want to wish that the Mayan calander is right on cue and everything gets obliterated in a flash of light and sound and we start anew from the ashes or this farce ends outright.

We as a species are failing, progressing in technology is not the same as actually learning equilibrium among the species and harmony and co-existance. We have drawn such strict borders around ourselves that we have cut ourselves off from the rest of our species on basis of religion, ethnicity, color, geography.

All we do is take time to find differences within each other and make then the reason and the cause of strife and bloodshed and argument, I look around the world and I see systems of civilizations, monarchies failing, democracies failing, every man made system designed to facilitate the process of life is itself ultimately resulting in the frustration and destruction of life itself.

Where did it all go wrong, how did things change so much is such a short span of time, what is accelerating this process of hate and bias that’s leading toward the destruction of everything sanctified .

There are some troubling questions each and every one of us needs to ask ourselves, I believe in the collective mind of humanity, if each and every one of us starts thinking things then eventually we will start speaking, from thoughts to speech and speech to action, we may see something better emerge.

There are two directions, anger and destruction, for the entity and the collective, and harmony and coexistence, which will you choose in the future.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Top 10 Accidental Inventions

Disclaimer - Article has been sourced from Science Discovery

Louis Pasteur once said, "chance favors the prepared mind." That's the genius behind all these accidental inventions - the scientists were prepared. They did their science on the brink and were able to see the magic in a mistake, set-back, or coincidence.

No. 10 - Saccharin

Saccharin, the sweetener in the pink packet, was discovered because chemist Constantin Fahlberg didn't wash his hands after a day at the office. Prepare to get icked. The year was 1879 and Fahlberg was trying to come up with new and interesting uses for coal tar. After a productive day at the office, he went home and something strange happened. He noticed the rolls he was eating tasted particularly sweet. He asked his wife if she had done anything interesting to the rolls, but she hadn't. They tasted normal to her. Fahlberg realized the taste must have been coming from his hands -- which he hadn't washed. The next day he went back to the lab and started tasting his work until he found the sweet spot.

No. 9 - Smart Dust

Most people would be pretty upset if their homework blew up in their faces and crumbled into a bunch of tiny pieces. Not so student Jamie Link. When Link was doing her doctoral work in chemistry at the University of California, San Diego, one of the silicon chips she was working on burst. She discovered afterward, however, that the tiny pieces still functioned as sensors. The resulting "smart dust" won her the top prize at the Collegiate Inventors Competition in 2003. These teensy sensors can also be used to monitor the purity of drinking or seawater, to detect hazardous chemical or biological agents in the air, or even to locate and destroy tumor cells in the body.
Want to know more about smart dust? Our friends at How Stuff Works explain it all for you.

No. 8 - Coke

There are many stories of accidentally invented food: the potato chip was born when cook George Crum (yes, really his name!) tried to silence a persnickety customer who kept sending french fries back to the kitchen for being soggy; Popsicles were invented when Frank Epperson left a drink outside in the cold overnight; and ice cream cones were invented at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. But no food-vention has had as much success as Coke. Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton was trying to make a cure for headaches. He mixed together a bunch of ingredients -- and don't ask, because we don't know; The recipe is still a closely guarded secret. It only took eight years of being sold in a drug store before the drink was popular enough to be sold in bottles. Want to know more about Coke? Our friends at How Stuff Works explain it all for you.

No. 7- Teflon

After all the damage they've done to the ozone layer, chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, are persona non grata. Back in the 1930s, however, they were (pardon the pun) the hot new thing in the science of refrigeration. Young DuPont chemist Roy Plunkett was working to make a new a new kind of CFC. He had a theory that if he could get a compound called TFE to react with hydrochloric acid, he could produce the refrigerant he wanted. So, to start his experiment Plunkett got a whole bunch of TFE gas, cooled it and pressured it in canisters so it could be stored until he was ready to use it. When the time came to open the container and put the TFE and hydrochloric acid together so they could react, nothing came out of the canister. The gas had disappeared. Only it hadn't. Frustrated and angry, Plunkett took off the top of the canister and shook it. Out came some fine white flakes. Luckily for everyone who's ever made an omelet, he was intrigued by the flakes and handed them off to other scientists at DuPont.

No. 6 - Vulcanized Rubber

Charles Goodyear had been waiting years for a happy accident when it finally occurred. Goodyear spent a decade finding ways to make rubber easier to work with while being resistant to heat and cold. Nothing was having the effect he wanted. One day he spilled a mixture of rubber, sulfur and lead onto a hot stove. The heat charred the mixture, but didn't ruin it. When Goodyear picked up the accident, he noticed that the mixture had hardened but was still quite usable. At last! The breakthrough he had been waiting for! His vulcanized rubber is used in everything from tires, to shoes, to hockey pucks.

No. 5 - Plastic

In 1907 shellac was used as insulation in electronics. It was costing the industry a pretty penny to import shellac, which was made from Southeast Asian beetles, and at home chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland thought he might turn a profit if he could produce a shellac alternative. Instead his experiments yielded a moldable material that could take high temperatures without distorting. Baekeland thought his "Bakelite" might be used for phonograph records, but it was soon clear that the product had thousands of uses. Today plastic, which was derived from Bakelite, is used for everything from telephones to iconic movie punch lines.

No. 4 - Radioactivity

Two words that you don't ever want to hear said in the same sentence are "Whoops!" and "radioactive." But in the case of physicist Henri Becquerel's surprise discovery, it was an accident that brought radioactivity to light. Back in 1896 Becquerel was fascinated by two things: natural fluorescence and the newfangled X-ray. He ran a series of experiments to see if naturally fluorescent minerals produced X-rays after they had been left out in the sun. One problem - he was doing these experiments in the winter, and there was one week with a long stretch of overcast skies. He left his equipment wrapped up together in a drawer and waited for a sunny day. When he got back to work, Becquerel realized that the uranium rock he had left in the drawer had imprinted itself on a photographic plate without being exposed to sunlight first. There was something very special about that rock. Working with Marie and Pierre Curie, he discovered that that something was radioactivity.

No. 3 - Mauve

Talk about strange connections - 18-year-old chemist William Perkin wanted to cure malaria; instead his scientific endeavors changed the face of fashion forever and, oh yeah, helped fight cancer. Confused? Don't be. Here's how it happened. In 1856 Perkin was trying to come up with an artificial quinine. Instead of a malaria treatment, his experiments produced a thick murky mess. But the more he looked at it, the more Perkin saw a beautiful color in his mess. Turns out he had made the first-ever synthetic dye. His dye was far better than any dyes that came from nature; the color was brighter, more vibrant, and didn't fade or wash out. His discovery also turned chemistry into a money-generating science - making it attractive for a whole generation of curious-minded people. But the story is not over yet. One of the people inspired by Perkin's work was German bacteriologist Paul Ehrlich, who used Perkin's dyes to pioneer immunology and chemotherapy.

No. 2 - Pacemaker

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one absent-minded professor. But it's not flubber clocking in at No. 2, it's a life saving medical device. That pacemaker sewn into a loved one's chest actually came about because American engineer Wilson Greatbatch reached into a box and pulled out the wrong thing. It's true. Greatbatch was working on making a circuit to help record fast heart sounds. He reached into a box for a resistor in order to finish the circuit and pulled out a 1-megaohm resistor instead of a 10,000-ohm one. The circuit pulsed for 1.8 milliseconds and then stopped for one second. Then it repeated. The sound was as old as man: a perfect heartbeat.

No. 1 - Penicillin

You read this far into the list looking for penicillin, didn't you? That's OK. As one of the most famous and fortunate accidents of the 20th century, penicillin belongs at No. 1 on this list. If you've been living under a rock for the past 80 years or so, here's how the popular story goes: Alexander Fleming didn't clean up his workstation before going on vacation one day in 1928. When he came back, Fleming noticed that there was a strange fungus on some of his cultures. Even stranger was that bacteria didn't seem to thrive near those cultures. Penicillin became the first and is still one of the most widely used antibiotics.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to become a Youtube Vocal Artist

This article is gonna be a really valuable kit of information if you are an aspiring solo Vocal artist, there is a lot of money in the music biz, and if you have the guts, and the talent, it's a sure thing that you'll make it big.

the only down side is it takes a lot of money to actually record songs, and that's the problem, not all of us have the money these days to record our songs in fancy recording studios, and it takes even more to make videos independently, and there's only a one in a million chance that an indie recording goes viral, ( Que Kolaveri Di ).

if you are low on budget, and wanna become a rising star. here are a few tips for you to actually make it big and cash out on all that talent that is bubbling under the surface.

First thing you need to do to get a channel now is to get a google account, if you already have a gmail ID that's perfect beacause all you need to do is log into google with your gmail account and navigate to youtube select a username and it will make a channel for you if you have problems Follow this simple guide on how to make a youtube account.

make friends on youtube, search out cover artists, watch their videos, get the tips and tricks, make comments on their videos, share cool stuff that you find online with them, learning how other's make good videos and creating a large base of followers will help in the long run, there will always be a number of people who will share your track if they like it, and you'll get comments and likes, which is the ultimate goal of creating Music, to feel good and to share.

take the time to make a recording station, meaning a room that is free from all external noise, where you can setup your recording equipment. and by equipment i mean either your laptop or desktop with a reasonable cam and mic, that's all you need in most cases at the start.

Find some music, if you are a vocal artist check out the karaoke tracks in this blog pick your favourite and go wild, or go on over to youtube and check out the Karaoke Channel which is incidentally the source of most of the Karaoke tracks i have embedded in this blog.

Download the audio editing software audacity. it's really easy to use and really doesn't take all that much time to get setup and running. check out the manuals to help get you up to speed to be able to work on the software.

there are a lot of online resources to download YouTube videos online, just search for a few and you will find them or use the youtube downloader available on CNET, convert it into mp3, if the process sounds too complicated use this online tool to convert youtube videos directly into mp3 online and download it onto your system.

Import the Track into audacity and it will make a track, all you need to do is press the record button and sing in the mike in time to the music, wear headphones so that the audio output does not interfere with the actual recording and create reverb.

use your editing skills gained from the manuals to edit the tracks, add the effects you feel make your track sound better but dont overdo it, too much effects take away the original voice and that's never good.

Use windows live movie maker, or other software similar to attach a picture collage to your music, images that reflect the content of the song really go over well, fade in effects at the ending of the verses and other such tricks make for a great feel.

once you have made your video, upload it to your youtube account, make sure to add the relavent tags in the video so that is is easily searchable. and share it with all your friends.

the whole process never takes more than a few hours at most, and if you make sure you keep creating quality content on the weekends even, by the end of a year you would have an awesome youtube channel with a load of views.

the key to being successful is consitent effort, never let go of your dreams, and learn to make things happen, if you think you can do it you can. hope i could be of help, do come back to read some more of my work, my interests range from Poetry to music, critical thinking to lazy writing and everything in between :)

Top 10 Reasons I Never Visit Your Blog Anymore

I recently checked the bounce rate on my blog and it up to 80%, i couldnt understand it, i took a moment to reorganize my thoughts and started an immediate quest to learn why people stop visiting , or drop off after reading a few pages, i came across this article Top 10 Reasons I Never Visit Your Blog Anymore and it really made sense.

i'm going to take a step back and look at all the work i have done so far and make the changes that i have been planning to make for quite some time, i have been thinking on how to create a how to section for the blog , now's a better time than any to actually do that.

so without further ado let us begin.

also due credit goes to the writer of that article for opening my eyes about the error of my ways.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fun - We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monae) lyrics

"We Are Young" is a song by American indie pop band fun., featuring American singer Janelle Monáe. The song was released on September 20, 2011, as the first single from Fun's second studio album Some Nights. The song was the first to be written for the band's second album and was the first to be recorded, setting a template for the rest of the sessions that created the record. "We Are Young" was described by Billboard magazine as a "grandiose alternative number, built on theatrical orchestration and a propulsive, immediate chorus that beams with inspirational effect. An indie pop and alternative rock power ballad, "We Are Young" also draws influences from the genres of power pop and stadium rock.



Give me a second I
I need to get my story straight
My friends are in the bathroom
getting higher than the empire state
my lover she is waiting for me
just across the bar
My seat's been taken by some sunglasses
asking 'bout a scar
and I know I gave it to you months ago
I know you're trying to forget
but between the drinks and subtle things
the holes in my apologies
you know I'm trying hard to take it back
so if by the time the bar closes
and you feel like falling down
I'll carry you home

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the sun

we are young
so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

Now I know that I'm not
all that you got
I guess that I
I just thought maybe we could find a ways to fall apart
But our friends are back
So let's raise a toast
Cause I found someone to carry me home

We are young
So let's the set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

We are young
so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

Carry me home tonight
Just carry me home tonight
Carry me home tonight
Just carry me home tonight

The moon is on my side
I have no reason to run
So will someone come and carry me home tonight
The angels never arrived
but I can hear the choir
so will someone come and carry me home

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

We are young
so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun

So if by the time the bar closes
and you feel like falling down
I'll carry you home tonight

Ignorance Was Bliss

Monday, 9 April 2012

All The World's Problems

Friday, 23 March 2012

A Lifetime of Regrets

tony was walking down the street when he saw this old man sitting on the sidewalk looking down at his feet, normally tony wouldnt've stopped and chatted but there was something so essentialy sad about the old man that it touched his heart and he went and sat beside him on the sidewalk.

"Hey what's the matter, is everything all right" he asked him

the old man looked at tony and he realized that the old man was crying , the man wiped his eyes " it's nothing son, just one of those days " and started to get up, stumbled and tony held him by the shoulders and helped him get up.

"i dont know about that old man, you look really down, let me know if you need anything ok" he said dusting off the man's jacket.

"i was going to get a cup of coffee, would you mind joining me, i would like someone to talk to right now " said the man with a deep sadness in his eyes.

"sure , in fact the coffee's on me, my name's tony" shaking the man's hand

"thank you tony, my name is jeremiah , lets walk to the park on the corner there's a coffee shop on the way we can get coffee from there" said jeremiah as he started walking down the street.

they walked at a very slow pace, when they reached the coffee shop tony went in and got them both coffee and they proceeded to the park and sat down on a bench overlooking a small artifical pond, smelling the fresh october morning air sipping coffee.

after a long while of comfortable silence jerimiah started to speak

" you were very kind to me back there, and i think you deserve an explanation as to why i was sitting on the street and crying my eyes out "

" today i turn 83 years of age, and i was looking back at my past through the windows of memory, it was an unpleasant journey full of many regrets, would you like to know a few of them ??"

"Sure i guess " tony replied uncertainly

jeremiah cleared his throat and looked off into the distance and started to speak.

" when i was young my father used to tell me he lived a really hard life, and that i should not follow in his footsteps, i should make it a priority to study hard and make a name for myself, i did not listen to him back then, i was too high spirited, i used to run around with boys older than me chasing after girls, smoking, drinking, never giving a damn about my education. my father used to be very disappointed but i never gave a damn about that. " Jerimiah gave a little laugh and went on. " we used to have these huge fights when my report came and my dad used to go on and on about how i would be wiping windows and washing floors or working at gas stations or end up in jail if i dont study". " i never used to take him seriously "

"then one day i came back home after hanging with my friends and my father was lying on the livingroom floor, a bottle of beer broken on the floor beside him, he had just had a heart attack, i took him to the hospital but he passed away. my mom had died giving birth to me, and i never knew any other family than my father"

tony put his hands on the man's shoulder " i'm sorry bout your father " " dont be " said jeremiah " i never listened to him, although i regret that now "

" after he died, i lost the home, i didnt know anything, and i didnt know where the money was, social services took me to an orphanage, and i still dont know where all my stuff went. "

"i went from having a home and a life to having nothing, i lived off the orphanage for a few years till i got my first job as a gas jockey at a pump, slaved there for a few years, then went to work at a bar, met a nice girl there, got married, had a son, it was a really tough life, with all the bills and everything, i had 2 jobs and she had 2 jobs and still we werent able to make ends meet"

" i used to be away from home so much that i never got to be with my son, used to come home late get drunk and go to sleep, i never know he hated me for that, i loved the kid but i had to work, how else could i have fed him and clothed him, and she never told me he was so mad at me, i really cant blame carol."

"when jimmy , My son, was 10 years old, he got into a fight at school and hurt the other boy pretty badly. and we were called to school, he was suspended, he'd broken the boy's arm. we tried to talk to jim but he shut us out."

" few years later carol passed away, she was coming home from work through a bad part of town and got mugged, she'd gotten her pay that day, she tried to resist, they stabbed her." jeremiah wiped his eyes " i felt like a part of me had died " he took a deep sigh and went on " jimmy started staying out of the home , staying at his friends house more often, he'd made a name for himself for being a thug by the time he was 18 , we used to fight a lot, he started flunking every subject after his mother died, and i worried he'd end up like me, but i didnt know how to stop it"

"i kept remembering what my father said, about how i'd be good for nothing just like him, and he was right, i had become my father"

" jimmy got a job at a gas station when he was 21 it was the same one as mine , and i died a little inside seeing how his future was going to be "

" he married a sweet young thing he met at a bar, he had a beautiful boy a year after the marriage , he named his son jake."

" last year there was a robbery some thugs came to loot the gas station, jimmy tried to stop them and they shot him "

Jerimiah buried his face in his hands and started sobbing uncontrollably, tony was also in tears, he hugged him and comforted him, but he wouldnt calm down, while tony was holding him suddenly jerimiah's whole body shook and he grabbed his heart and grimaced, and started jerking and fell off the seat , tony leaped up and started screaming for help but by the time help came, but jerimiah was no more....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Monsterpiece Theater - Transformers

if this is what i think it is people this is gonna be epic... this may be fan made but this just may be the real thing... YES THIS CAN BE THE FIRST LOOK OF TRANSFORMERS 4.......

that being said, i dont care if it is or it's not, the song itself is amazing enough to be played at least a million times without any doubt whatsoever..

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to Mend a Broken Heart

Welcome Dear Reader, if you found me by looking for ways on how to mend a broken heart, you came to the right place, i hope i am able to help you to the best of my understanding and knowledge.

first thing i have to tell you, stop hurting, i know you are going to roll your eyes if you are a guy or feel some sensless rage towards me, if you are a girl you might just feel a crying sensation bubbling up from deep inside you, or you may be like me, the emotionally undead, unfeeling everything and anything blindly going though the post searching for a cure but not really caring.

the most important thing you can realize it , you have to stop living on autopilot and start to take command of your life, i know that your lost love was THE ONE, and the SIGNIFICANT OTHER you were hoping to spend the rest of your life with, but since it is now over, be it for any reason, you have to learn to let go.

Remember those golden words

What Doesnt Kill you Only Makes you Stronger, now the ones of you who are worst off will think ok now that's an idea... ANNHHHNNNNHHHH...<<<< ----- This is supposed to be the buzzer sound indicating you are wrong.

Following are the Steps you should take, follow them and they will definately show you how to mend a Broken Heart.

My program is called F.U.C.K, please feel free to take that in both the literal and figurative sense. steps to my F.U.C.K program are.

Forget the past
Understand that you were not ment to be
Know when you have moved on.

Now we are going to talk about the first step on how to mend a broken heart.


in order to forget the past you need to realize you have to be serevely analytical about this. make a list of all the places you went with your partner, avoid them like the plague, same goes for movies that you guys watched together ( only those that had a emotional connection that you strongly relate to ) same goes for songs, and all sad songs in general, everything and anything that you did, had, made, brought, thought needs to go in a tiny box in your mind, lock it all away and throw away the key, for now..... and for all the cynics out there. this will not be a lesson in avoidance, we are going to be coming back to these memories when it's time for closure.

if this causes a problem in your normal life tell your friends you are on a F.U.C.K diet if they have read my article they will understand, if not they will consider you mentally unstable or loose and weird, and not bother with you anymore.


you have to realize that you were not as perfect as you thought you were, for this part of the F.U.C.K Broken Heart Program you have to tell your friends to follow this rule

(ask them to Abuse your EX in front of you till you stop defending them and the breakup and start to agree it was your EX's fault you broke up in the first place ) if you really dont have friends in your life good enough or willing enough to do this for you, i pity your existance and recommend that you go out and buy one of those stupid little tape recorders and think of an imaginary friend who broke up with an imaginary person ( if you are an actor by profession consider this an improv ) and abuse the imaginary friend's ex, and listen to the tape later, if you are too emotionally unstable to actually do this, freelance the job on the many freelance websites available on the internet, i am sure that somewhere out there is an asian or indian guy waiting to bid for a very cheap amount for your project and provide you this service practically free to create a portfolio ( warning crappy accents may disturb the overall effect of the script )
once you realize that you were not ment to be, you are ready to move on to the next step


Remember that little box i told you to lock inside your head, well take it out now and prepare to put together all the hate you can muster in one place, it's time to put the smackdown on that ex of yours.

burn pictures, leftover clothes, pets, favorite CD's or XBOX ( if it's a guy ) , favourite SHoes or Scarves ( if it's a girl ) basically hit em where it hurts and dont get caught doing it, if the pyromania is not your style simply throw every single possession you have of your ex in the nearest dumpster.

if you have done the first few steps correctly this will leave you feeling like you just had a long overdue bowel movement. and make you feel fresh and alive. if you did not do the first 2 steps correctly ( forgot to lock the box, or crappy accent didnt get you mad enough ) it's gonna make you feel like you are sitting on the can trying to pass a whale that just does not want to come out, but instead of feeling that feeling in URANUS you will likely be feeling it in Your Heart...


to horribly disfigure a poem by rudyard kipling

if you can talk about your ex when all about you
are making you feel guilty abour breaking up
if you can talk shit about them when all your friends doubt you
and burning those pictures, gives you a rush

you have moved on and you should thank all the stars
that F.U.C.K was there to grab you by the Arse
and kick you and beat you and make you so sane
that you would be willing to F.U.C.K Again...

this is the gist of it basically, if you have done all the above steps you will no longer be wondering how to mend a broken heart, you will already have healed, or be in the process. i know that the way i offered advice was somewhat different form the was most people do it, i also know that i may sound like an ass, i know that and i have been told that a zillion times, but you need to realize this single most omnipotent and important thing

only you have the power to get out of the hole you have fallen into.. only you have the power to mend that broken heart of yours.

hope i could give you a good swift kick on your bottom and make you realize everything you are missing.

here's to hoping you dont need any more people to tell you how to mend a broken heart.

Sincerely Yours

BrokenHearted Grim..

State of Mind

i am trying to understand what's going on in my mind right now, i have heard about therapeautic writing and have practiced personally and have seen results from it in the past, that is why i take to pen again to bleed out my woes and make myself realize where i have gone wrong or where other's have wronged me so that i can address the issues in my past.

sometimes i stare at the blank screen and wonder why words dont come on it, this usually happens to me when i am working on a project, if i ask mysef why that happens perhaps my answer that would be the truest to heart would be because i really am a very lazy person sometimes and when i look at the immense workload that has been put upon my shoulders it becoms hard for me to place myself in a situation where creativity can blossom.

on the other hand right now i find myself overflowing with ideas and words, to express myself and the things i am feeling inside right at this moment, i think that is because i am putting in the effort to break down the barriers created around my mind, i hope again and again that this will be a journey of self realization and understanding,

because i do not know any other method to realize a cure for the current condition that i am in.

speaking of cures people usually say i should pray more, i have been forced and insulted even to pray regularly, and i do feel better always after i pray but i dont know why i cant even force myself to be punctual in that.

i try so hard and fail miserably.


it is now another day, and the sun is bright and shining.. i breathe in the life that is around me and reflect in the joy and wonder of it all..

times change and thankfully so does my mood, i read now what i wrote before and it makes me realize that life is more a state of mind than a state of being, you dont relly need to be happy, if you feel happy everything around you will make you feel happier, the true expression of ourlook can been seen through the inner eyes of the soul. what we feel within is usually what we feel on the outside.

i usually give an example on jaded perception, i tell my friends if you look at a glass of water wearing red glasses you are automatically going to assume that the glass contains grape juice, if you look at it wearing brown glasses, you are going to assume that it contains brandy,perception or emotions color the focus of your thought and make you assume things that could be altogether different.

if you were to critically look how we percieve the reality around us you would realize one thing, there are internal influencors and then there are external influencors that shape our state of mind.

for example i am listening to a sad song, it is going to emotionally react with my state of mind and through an alchemical reaction provoke a response from my subconcious provoking nostalgia and old memories, my reflection would then shift my perception if you will making me blind to everything else other than my emotion of the present state which would be sadness, if i do not interact with a significal external influencor that could shift my focus back to my original state of mind which i will call a neutral state of being, i will remain to feel negative and sad and everything that i see from that moment onwards would feel to me a reflection of the sadness that i feel, even the drip of a faucet, or the sound of rain, or anything else, would only serve to deepen those feelings of sadness.

one very crucial thing to mention here is that the intensity of emotions, or the resulting state of mind is not the same for all persons, the steps of cohesion of these feelings may be same but the intensity or duration varies from person to person.

myself i believe i have a serverely bipolar nature, perhaps this is the same reason that i have bouts of creativity and extended bouts of manic depression. i burn my candle on both ends so to speak, i live in the moment and then i despise life itself in equal measure.

i can truly comprehend the shift in the dynamics of a personality. and the consequences of actions and reactions of both internal and external influences on the individual state of mind.

most people find bipolar disorder to be their curse i consider it my muse.

if you have stayed with me to the end of this rambling narrative i thank you from the bottom of my heart that you found my words to be important enough, i hope i was able to shine some light inside you, and make you see yourself in a different light. it was all i intended to do.

wish you a peaceful state of mind for eternity.

Yours Truly

SubConscious Grim.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fighting Gravity

Fighting Gravity was an Act on America's Got Talent, and i have to say they were the kind of act that has everyone asking, "How did they come up with that" , first time i saw the video i was blown away, they truly are innovators, and one cant deny the fact that they truly do Fight Gravity.

Just a bunch of kids from college who thought they could make it big, and they did, they went on become the latest new thing, if you search around for fighting gravity you'll see no less than 5 digit figures in the number of people that have viewed their acts online.

to them i gotta say, keep living the dream, and keep on FIGHTING GRAVITY !!!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Grim's Poetry Collection

I recently Thought, i've written a lot of poems and i have never gotten around to making a full collection of my work so i decided on compiling this list of all the poems i have ever written and posted on my blog, for anyone who wishes to read my work.

this was a labour of love, started years ago when i first came across some burning ashes and they fueled the pyre of my literary ambitions.

i never believed it could be possible to become a writer, but now people tell me that i am one, and i dont think i can argue becuase i feel like one, i have the wild hair and everything to prove it.

Without Further Ado find below the poems that i have ever written in chronological order.


The Ominous Mind broods over a sea of ideas
Thoughts flame through the expansive firmaments
Interlocking, engaging and creating patterns
Before bursting into words, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

The nature of the Infinitive rejoices
Boundless leaps of rays break loose in joyous hymns
Streaming freely in prisms of the elements
To resurrect the beauties of colours and space

The formless Being commands obedience to flow
Arise and be separate in terraces and hills
Undulating dunes and curving forms in bays
Laced with serpent-rivers, waterfalls and delta ways

The Lord of heavens communes by floating forms
Agitated giants arise in aggressive mien
While from their feet the canvassing earth roams free
Hugging lakes and spawning caves and crevices

Wisdom articulates rooted living greens and browns
Fed from the womb of interlocking terraces
At their feet, lesser vegetation scrubs the dirt
Birthing flowery waves to the host of the skies

The Highest fills the air with sinews of logic
Invisible pathways transverse the realm between
The wind surfers hold a parade of flight skills
Dancing on the living breath of the Almighty God

Righteousness sits on the firmament of firmaments
Decreeing the innocence of forest roamers
The wariness of the prey and its stalking predator
In a choreograph to the music of life and death

The Bellowing Voice that utters all things to be
Spoke life into the strongholds depths of blue and green
And brine drunken philosophers embraced its vastness
Courting and carousing foreshadows of vegetations

The Sovereign decrees destinies of clones of understanding
To mirror his power and majesty of his ominous mind
Behold the prince by which all things are begotten
In the reverberation of simulating appears

Dominion arose from the dusty face of the earth
Endued with powers of cascading intelligence
Rising in the octaves and billows of scented sacrifice
To the stealth and traction that overcomes the world


29th August 2008

Ayoola Babatunde Oke

Confession by Ayoola Oke

Okay Guy
Why the silence
Why the empty pages
Why are there no words
Before the invisible full stops

I starve
Thus I'm unfruitful
Because I feed on meat
That's served on your plates
To wax my prose into poetry

Post your thoughts
Let me read your minds
Snap up the loose threads
And knit them into new patterns

A Sonnet for Winter by Ayoola Oke

Filled with beauty of snow, the winter
The voiceless soft falling and dancing flakes
Cotton harvest, white polka dots litter
Sheeting the earth with the icing it makes

The grandeur of Christmas and New Year kiss
On the icy breath of the winter’s mist
Such grand beauty surely we should not miss
As death and birth confluence a yearly feast

Yet we haste to the spritely spring of life
Forgetting we age into wintry grey
The heartbeat of time is our sober midwife
As to the waiting grave we haste to lay

Winter, Winter, Winter of my old age
Pass not quickly as I savour this stage

Written while sitting on the laps of dawn 6:30 am 20th January 2008

Ajangbadi Whispers VI By Ayoola Oke

Did the passion not cling to us?
In the heat of a cooling night
Our glistening bodies illustrated
Like a work of art by the moon

Did the ecstasy not surmount?
The peak of our withheld desires
Let loose in the gut of the night
To hang contentment at dawn

Yet there were shallow meltdowns
From unrehearsed boiling points
That result in frozen grudges ...
And quiet finger-pointing eyes

Our happiness often abbreviated
Could not mask gnawing emptiness
That gaped the growing gulf between
And secret tears of discontentment

Ajangbadi was a place of innocence
The Eden of contingent discoveries
Love and pain are two sides of a coin
Tossed to flip continuously in the air

While it flips it remains hearts of aches
And when it falls, it is always heads up
For tattered dreams and fallen hopes
Burrowed deeply on our sorrowed faces

Our solemn parting held no goodbyes
We saw but pretended the end was not
We were together apart, hoping...
That the future could still belong to us

8th February 2012

A Tear For Nigeria By Ayoola Oke

A Chain Sonnet



Dusk snarls and threatens to swallow daylights
As bleak darkness creeps on the sprawling land
Its shadows climbing trees and hilly heights
Before intense blackness descends its hand

Soft lanterns, lamps and bulbs punctuate the speech
That draws a sword’s sharp curtail on freedom
They are no match for this harrowing pitch
Each creates just an island of wisdom

Under this guise the jaguars reign supreme
They are the sculpted fangs of corruption
Who suckle dry the blood of our frail dream
That this land by truth, spring forth a nation

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun


We dance to the drumbeats of filthy lies
Argue hoarse as deception bleeds our lungs
And poverty-struck people fall like flies
While hoping to gain from nepotic wrongs

We are the opened mouths of orphaned chicks
Waiting in vain on providence’s lost tail
Each rapture away as death’s hunger picks
And ailing shells of forgotten dreams fail

Shrewd vultures on our decaying flesh feast
Sweeping Abuja streets in crude finesse
Fat bellied arrogant strides that resist
The counsel of restraint and quietness

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun


They blow the smoke of their pomposity
In the faces of the dregs of our land
Paupers, fed on hopes of mendacity
To escalate them to millionaires’ brand

We all dream on foolish hopes of one day
Not like Martin Luther King’s brave forecast
But we dream selfish hopes of a big pay
That shouts personal rings of “freedom at last”

But dawn wakes to another dreary morn
“Forty nine sitting, ninety nine standing”
Our soaking sweats are tear drops that mourn
Our gross lack of basic understanding

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun

*Words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti from his album Shuffering and Shmiling
Ayoola Babatunde Oke
November 2008

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Change the world

right this moment,

Someone is being born
someone is dying

someone is sleeping
someone is crying

someone is lying
to the one's they love

some are speaking
of peace and doves

are flying somewhere
as birds do fly

and far away
an eye espies

a Plane, a Train, A Car, A Bike
the people in their busy lives

what are you doing i wonder now
in this thought i silent lie

and wait for you to answer why
you change not the world

with a smile or frown
believe you can, and so you shall

you matter most, believe in this
even a drop in the ocean is missed

lets smile together
and change the world

lets smile together
lets smile now

let all the world
feel your hope and joy

and on the crest of this joyous tide
i bid adieu, my work is done

i brought some light
in my own way..

and all i did
was make you smile ...

so as i said remember this
whenever you dont

your smiles are missed.

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

Dre and Eminem.
The song starts of with some flashbacks in Dre's life, then there is the accident, which gives premise to the song, we see eminem trying to bring Dr. Dre back with rap,

i love the whole story the video tells, since it tells a real story about Dr. Dre's life it really is a very emotional piece of work, i mean i heard love the way you lie and as soon as skylar started singing i though Oh man another copy of the same style, but when Eminem started rapping, i really listened.

Maat Ost (Title Song) - Humtv - Muhammad Ali

Saba from Maat

A really good friend of mine shared this song with me, once i listened to it i realized there are a lot of really amazing writer's in pakistan, the lyrics just transported me to another place entirely.

i hope this song lifts your essence like it did mine

Thanks Kiran for sharing this with me really liked it, this is now a part of my Favorites

Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Gym Class Heroes
i dont really remember what i was doing the first time i heard this song but what i remember most clearly is that the line My Heart's a Stero was the one line that refused to get out of my head for the next couple of weeks.

really amazing song with a really cool video, no wonder it took the world by storm, and with the added advantage of having Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5 in the mix, this was a recipe for success from the word go.

i present to you another worthy addition to my Favorites

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class heroes ft Adam Levine

Monster by Paramore

Hayley Williams Lead Singer Paramore

Monster by Paramore

i first bumped onto this song thanks to Alex G, a fellow Youtube Artist, and i just had to listen to the original, it totlaly belew me away, and i just had to share it with you all..

hope you all like the song as much as i do.

She's Not Cryin' Anymore in the style of Billy Ray Cyrus

Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) in the style of Diana Ross

Forgiving You Was Easy in the style of Willie Nelson karaoke with lyrics

Love Song in the style of Sara Bareilles

Two Princes in the style of Spin Doctors karaoke with lyrics

9 In The Afternoon in the style of Panic At The Disco

Water Runs Dry in the style of Boyz II Men karaoke

Chasing Pavements in the style of Adele

Brand New Man in the style of Brooks & Dunn

Boogie Down in the style of Al Jarreau

I Need To Know in the style of Marc Anthony karaoke with lyrics

Three Times A Lady in the style of Commodores karaoke version with lyrics

Back To You in the style of Bryan Adams karaoke sing-along with lyrics

Waiting For A Star To Fall in the style of Boy Meets Girl

Like You'll Never See Me Again in the style of Alicia Keys karaoke version with lyrics

No More Drama (Radio Version) in the style of Mary J. Blige karaoke version

Beautiful (Radio Version) in the style of Snoop Dogg

Everything Is Everything in the style of Lauryn Hill

Kryptonite in the style of 3 Doors Down

Unconditional in the style of The Bravery karaoke with lyrics

Jerk It Out in the style of Caesars karaoke track with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Excuse Me Miss (Radio Version) in the style of Jay-Z karaoke lyrics

Singin' In The Rain in the style of Gene Kelly karaoke with lyrics

What I Like About You in the style of The Romantics karaoke lyrics

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone in the style of The Temptations karaoke with lyrics

Sukiyaki in the style of A Taste Of Honey karaoke version with lyrics

Achy Breaky Song in the style of "Weird" Al Yankovic sing along with lyrics

Country Boy in the style of "Little" Jimmy Dickens karaoke version with lyrics

Better Than Me (Radio Version) in the style of Hinder with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Big Me in the style of Foo Fighters karaoke version with lyrics

The Flame in the style of Cheap Trick

I'll Tumble 4 Ya in the style of Culture Club

All Through The Night in the style of Cyndi Lauper

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Wherever You Will Go (Radio Version) in the Style of "The Calling" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Chop Suey! in the Style of "System of a Down" with lyrics (with lead vocal)

Wherever You Will Go (Radio Version) in the Style of "The Calling" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Some Hearts in the Style of "Carrie Underwood" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

I'm Gonna Miss Her in the Style of "Brad Paisley" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Crush in the Style of "Garbage" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Baby, It's Cold Outside (Duet) in the Style of "Ray Charles & Betty Carter" (no lead vocal)

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch in the Style of "Thurl Ravenscroft" with lyrics

Blue Christmas in the Style of "Elvis Presley" with lyrics (with lead vocal)

The Dolphin's Cry (Radio Version) in the Style of "Live" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Duet) in the Style of "Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey"

Cracklin' Rosie in the Style of "Neil Diamond" with lyrics (with lead vocal)

Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good) in the Style of "Neil Diamond" (no lead vocal)

Red Red Wine in the Style of "UB40" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Undo It in the Style of "Carrie Underwood" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Dear Mr. President in the Style of "Pink" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Song Sung Blue in the Style of "Neil Diamond" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Rolling In The Deep in the Style of "Adele" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Love Me in the Style of "Justin Bieber" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What the Hell is Kolaveri Di Dhanush Ji

Featured on your left is The Man Behind KOLAVERI DI the infamous Mr. Dhanush.

I think after this song came out, it split the world into two categories of people, those who have heard the song and cant get enough of it, and those that just cant stand it, but just about everyone with a pulse and an internet conection has heard this Viral Phenomenon, The KOLAVERI DI.

To this day i cannot understand what the hell Kolaveri Di means, but you have to give the guy credit, last i saw, in just 3 months the song has gotten 38,804,469 Hits, which is HELL OF A LOT...

Totaly quirky and fun filled, an original Genre Bending Song. sung in TANGLIGH an hybrid of Tamil and English. this is one song you'll either get addicted to or Love to hate.

Without Further Ado Allow me to Present, the Hugely Popular KOLAVERI DI.

Ok now that you have heard the song, i think it's fair to let you know Kolaveri Di is actually a song about a breakup, Literally Translated Kolaveri Means "why this murderous hate" and Di Means "girl" , although the context of the song is totally apart from the lyrics, basically this is a slang Tanglish song written for Tamil youths who have had bad relationships, Soup means Breakup in Tamil as far as i know.

all i can say is this song is to me a miracle of how fast something can be shared from one corner of the globe to another, and also a testament to the fact that innovation in music is not dead at all.

On this note i bid Adieu, will be coming back soon with Skillet's Hero. Ciao.

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