Friday, 14 October 2011

The Hero Of My Heart

I tell the tale of the gentle hands
that guided me through the walk of life

that carried an infant twenty blocks
to ease the fever of summer night

that took all pain instead of mine
that put my needs before their Own

where are they now..can they not see
or hear or feel the anguished moan

ripped from my heart, my very soul
that cries out tears inmixed in blood

in mixed in earth from haunted eyes
coursing in streams down the dirty face

dirty from the dust of graves
those that i had stooped to make...

where are those hands can they not hear
the anguised cries the aching sobs

those hands that had never even let form
in their shelter a single sob...

the singer of my lullabyes,
and the Hero of my Heart

have they gone away so far..????

that neither voice nor anguish'd cries
will ever reach them now....

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