Grim's Poetry Collection

This is my complete poetry collection of all the poems that i have created over the period of my life.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

You need to read this if you have ever suffered though loss of love, or have recently broken up with someone like me.


Just take some time and stop and smell the roses, dont you get tired with all those sounds, and machines, let me take you for a ride, though nature , in your mind.

My Life Story - Part 1

The earliest memories i had when i was born , the beauty i used to find in life, the innocence, the fond moments that now ache the heart....

State of Mind

When all the sounds stop, when your breathings stops, when time stands still, what is the state of your mind......

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Dream

The Dream ( Part 1 )
Waqas Rabbani


The office was closed for the day, the clouds were grey, and the streets were flooded so you couldnt walk across without getting drowned to your ankles, and still it was pouring, the lights had gone out a while back, and i was wondering what to do, going stir crazy within the four walls of the prison i called my house, i called it a house because it was empty, felt emplty, packed with all the creature comforts of modern life it was still cold and empty; and utterly depressing.

i had nothing else to do so i dragged my lonley ass down back into bed and closed my eyes,

Her perfume and her lovely arm draped across my chest and her warm body snuggled up next to mine, the beautiful rays of the morning sun shining through the window, and my heart was at peace, in the knowledge of her presence and her essence, and with the feeling that all was right in the world,

i brushed her hair off her forehead and gently kissed her on her forehead,

"Hey lover" i said

"mmmm" she moaned in her sleep,

i rolled her over and leaned in and kissed her on the lips and felt her coming awake, felt her lips answering mine, her beautiful form gliding under mine,

she opened her eyes and hugged me, "wow" breakfast in bed, hmm what did i do to deserve this kind of treatment" she said playfully,

"well it has been more than a few hours since i kissed you, i was starting to miss you," i said roling over and pulling her on to top of me.
" well i should not kiss you more often then " she said putting a finger on my lips and getting up off me,

i reached out and grabbed her from behind and held her kissed her on her neck, she moaned," you can try "i said as i picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.

An Hour Later

sitting in the kitchen with the sounds of breakfast silling on the stove, with a cold glass of OJ in my hands , reading the morning paper,

"20 more today," when will this stop i said in a growl

" 20 people " she said Shocked, oh My God, it's getting worse everyday, i dont know what the local law enforcement is doing.

"sitting on their ass and getting fat off their bribes, i guess it's not the only reason, what can they do , they dont have the orders from above"

"but still 20 people getting killed that's not something to take lightly, i mean after all 20 lives, women, children it's too much to think, she said as she put my breakfast in front of me, a pair of sunny side up's and crisp toast, just the way i liked it,

sitting down in front of me she started buttering a slice while i took another sip of OJ and kept scanning for some good news in the rag.

" you know you shouldnt read the news the first thing in the morning in these times, it's only gonna depress you " make a habit of reading news before you go to sleep at night, at least then i'll be able to take your mind off it" she said pulling the paper out of my hands and stuffing my mouth full of buttered toast.

"you can take my mind of the news anytime Love" i replied with a mouth full of toast.

"Uhh Uhh uhh" dont talk with your mouth full. " she said playfully wiping the side of my lips.

"so when will you be back" she asked

" umm cant be sure got lots of work today at the office and you know boss is an A hole with a Capital A. can't really be sure. but we'll see.. i said getting off the table and picking up my laptop and bag

"i was going to drop by madiha's place today and catch up, i think i'll be back home by 5." she said coming close and fixing my tie.

"take care of yourself i'd really wouldnt want you to go out with the things outside the way they are but i cant have you sitting in all day and getting bored now can i " i said kissing her

"love you"
"love you more" she said

"love you always and forever " i said. as i held her in my hands


she was standing in the window watching me back out the drivei waved to her and she waved back and smiled, it was grey and the clouds threatened rain, navigating throgh the busy streets. between cars and bikes, finally rached the office and the parking was flooded from last day's rain

it was a job getting to the office ,got some mud on my shoes, i hate it when that happens,

the day passed by uneventfully, had a few urgent mails that i had to reaspond to , the regular water cooler gossips about who's into who and who's finching the company, and the boss's latest temper tantrum,

at 4 i recieved a text from her saying she's on her way back because the way to madiha's was flooded and that she's stop by k mart and get some groceries.

at 4:15, deafening crack of lighting.

and torrential downpoar, it was raining so hard i couldnt even see outside the window, tried calling her and no response, couldnt focus on work, so i got up of work, told the boss i was leaving for the day, half the office had already left so he didnt give me too much flack,

4:35 kept calling no reply, news on the radio there had been a huge accident at the underpass in clifton more than 10 cars were stuck in the underpass and a tanker had apparently slid off the top and fallen down, there was structural damage and a lot of cars had been crushed,

4:37 bell rang, it was her, she was crying and panicked " i'm stuck and i'm hurt the underpass i was driving down and then there was this weird sound and then i blacked out and my leg is stuck the front of the car is crushed and the water is coming up..

"honey listen to me just calm down, i'll be there in a flash, just breathe , dont cut the line ok keep talking to be, i said as i swerved the car around and put the pedal to the floor,
10 minutes Later

the whole underpass was wrecked on one side and the other side the tanker had fallen sideways blocking the exit. most of the cars near the exit were crushed under the tanker the one's right in the middle were flooded already and the other's were flooding fast.

i skidded to a halt there were so many people standing on the side no fire brigade no police , i started running to the edge and someone grabbed me

"it's a fuel tanker and it's smoking dont go there said an elderly man

"my wife is down there i screamed and i shoook him off and jumped the gap. i landed on a crushed black civic, right at the edge of the exit near the burning tanker,

i could smell the fuel. and i could see the flames edging closer to it.. i didnt have much time,

i grabbed a chunk of concrete that could fit my hand and started searching ...

i saw her behind the windscreen there was blood on her forehead. i ran to her. the water was above the passenger side door already. and only few of the cars had moving occupants, i ignored everyone and made a beeline for her slid over a car and splashed in front of her, she was unconcious, i knocked on the glass and she stirred

she looked at my face and put her hand on the passenger side door, i held the chunk of pavement in my hand and showed it to her and motioned her to back away, as soon as she had turned around i smashed the wind screen with all my force, it shattered and water started pouring in, i kept smashing to break loose shards and make an open space, and there was already too much water in the car, i knew we didnt have much time because of the water and the smoking tanker,

i swam in and grabbed her, she screamed and lost a lot of air, i put my hand on her mouth to stop her and then breathed some air into her, and moved down to see that her leg was trapped under the steering, i put my head outside the windscreen took another breath and saw that the tanker was on flame and heard and felt people up top running away and screaming.

i dived back down and gave her some air then turned and pulled with all the force in my body and ripped the steering out, i grabbed her and pulled her out, she kept fainting on me and my heart kept screaming not like this not like this...

i pulled her out on top of the roof of the car and shook her.. she started gaining conciousness, i took another look at the burning tanker i pulled her up close to me and hugged her fiercely, she held me back and started sobbing,

"i looked into her eyes and said I love you" she sobbed back I love you more .

" i kissed her thinking , I'll love you always and forever "
Flames and Fire it felt as if i was clothed in flame and pain like i had never felt before
a giant hand picked me up and smashed me against a wall everything went red then black...

i woke up in bed with a drowining in sweat.. the room was hot as hell, i had forgotten to open the windows, got up and listened to the sound of the rain on the window and the children playing on the streets i held my head in my hands, and the emotions and the feelings they trickled out of my mind like water from cupped hands,

i could still feel that kiss, i could still remember that taste, her scent,

i got up and walked to the window opened it, and there she was, the girl of my dreams on the roof of the building next to mine enjoying the rain with her friends, she didnt even know i existed, she didnt know how much i wanted to love her, how much i had fallen for her.

sometimes i wish i could fall asleep forever, sometimes dreams are more beautiful than reality, i thought as i walked down the stairs, and stepped outside in the rain......

The End...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Alex G - Lady Antebellum - Just a Kiss

Alex G

I was inspired to start my YouTube Channel by a Very Close Friend Suzanne, she asked me to make a channel because she saw a video i posted on Facebook and she though i needed to get my voice out there. i took her advice and created my YouTube Channel after i made the channel i searched through her subscriptions, and i stumbled upon a lot of Amazing Artists (ive subscribed to all of em :)) and out of them i Discovered Alex G

AleX G is simple amazing, and anyone who has heard her sing would say the same, all i know about Alex G is that the lives in Colorado, she's and she's a brilliant Songwriter,

Alex has covered a lot of songs since she's been in the scene, i would recommend a subscription to Her Channel, a List of the songs that Alex has Covered are mentioned below.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Sin of Solitude

My Curse

Man is a social animal, and you know that's not just a saying, i think we are most sane when we are in the presence of company, it is when we are alone that our minds begin to wander, and explore the hidden sides of our personalities. None of us are saints, and none of us are Demons, there is no absolute black or white in the world Just shades of gray, and everything is lighter and more brighter in the presence of company.

i have learned something, there are revelations to be made in solitufe, when all the noise stops, and the clock strikes twelve, and the world around you falls asleep, try and sit and watch out your window, the stillness, the absolute calm, and in that silence, your mind will wake, it is one of the best and yet the most terrible things you can do to yourself, to let your mind wake up, and let rumination take over, you will find the words that you have never thought you could find, you will see things in your mind that are fantastic and seem impossible, and you will find ways to make them possible, you will know exultation, fear, apprehension, pain, joy and nostalgia, once you take the plunge and lose yourself in your mind,

we move though our life not caring and not thinking, our lives are designed for us, from our moment of waking to our moment of sleeping our paths are defined, and we live in those cycles till the day we die, a never ending repetition of events and occurances that ultimately lead to the moment in time where we cease to exist as an independent entity and fall back into the ether.

those reading through will be wondering why i call this monologue my curse, because i accepted solitude, as it was forced upon me and i made it mine. my solitude shapes me, defines me, and forces me to think, the words you see upon your screen are penned in solitude, this is what my existance has become, my curse is to stay on this throne of unlimited possibilities and not share it with anyone, the curse is, those who suffer solitude find in themselves the seed to greatness, yet paradoxically those seeds are nurtured in the oasis of company, the same oasis that is shunned and eventually abhorred in the pursuit of greatness. i now see that success lies in being lonely and being in company, to crave the warmth of human affection and the frigid isolation of solitude in equal measure

i have yet to overcome my curse, i pray that those who have started their quest to greatness get the chance to learn how to fight thier curse. my prayers are with all who lie in solitude, and for those who seek it, and for those who cannot seem to give up thir loneliness, may all you restless souls find peace, and pray for me to find my peace too

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cover of Hamesha (EP) by Falconation the Band

Entity Paradigm Also Known As EP the Band was one of the first truly innovative Hard Rock bands out in the Playground that was Pakistani Pop Rock,Even with competition from Noori and Call They Managed to get themselved Heard, which i believe is an Achievement, so Hats Off EP :) you Guys ROCK !!! :)

I totally Loved their Song Hamesha the Video was Amazing, the story inside it was awesome, i never really got to know if someone close to the band died or not, cause that was the prodominent rumor at that time, but whatever the case, a really emotional and heart touching Rock Song, that makes you want to (Slowly) Head bang to the Beat in respect of the Dearly Departed.

when i started working with my band specially my Guitarist Zarshan this was one of the few songs that we really put in the effort to perfect as one of out first songs as a band, that was even before we got Ian The Lead Guitarist and Emaan The Bassist with us and the formal name of Falconation the Band so Hope you all like the Song. it really is a Labor of Love from the Fans of EP. out Tribute and Mark of Respect for their Contributions to Pakistani Music, Peace Out.

Cover Goodbye My Lover ( James Blunt ) By Waqas Rabbani

James Blunt became a smasing success with his first Single  You're Beautiful  and i totally fell in love with his Music since then, i remember when i started to practice his songs it literally sounded like someone stepped on a cat's tail when i reached the falsetto part, after a lot of Training and Effort i Finally Made it to the Point of being able to sing james Blunt, i found a Karaoke Track for GoodBye My Lover and i went from There, took a few tries but i finally nailed it and the results are up for your (Hopefully) Kind Eludication. :)

I'm Also working on another track The original You're Beautiful, Hopefully i will have worked on it in a few weeks time and have that up for you (Hopefully) kind observation as well :), do check out my other works on my Youtube Channel , hope you all like it..

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Singer of My Lullabies

silence where there was once laughter
tears of grief than tears of joy
All came before and none came after
Left the singer of my lullabies.....

beyond all pain the singer passed
sweet memories are all that now remain
a broken heart and a lonely house
without the singer of my lullabies...

all smiles forgotten all merriment erased
lines appear on my youthful face
with a heavy heart and a shadowed face i pray
for the singer of my lullabies....

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The Winter's Flower

By the warmth of the fire in the fireplace
So cozy in the blankets I lay
Seeing the snow fall through the window
And the wind howling away

The creaking beams overhead
And the crackling of the flames
The smell of the hot chocolate I held
That warmed me from within

And as I gazed through the glass
Something caught my eye
Between the drifts of snow
A flower I espied

So fragile and yet so proud
All alone I saw it stood
Boldly facing the storm
As though it thought it could

I got out from under the covers
And went outside to see
The boldest of all the flowers
Staring back at me

I asked the lonely flower
If it wanted company
The flower then replied
It needed no help from me

Many winters I have faced
Many storms I have seen
I can stay like this
For as long as I need

Such a cold reply it gave
For a moment I did not respond
Than I told the flower
I will shield it from the storm.

I sat among the drifts of snow
Ignoring the heated cries
That the flower loosed upon me
I said that I didn't mind

I stayed out in the numbing cold
And shared with the flower my warmth
I gave the flower all I could and more
But the flower just continued to ignore

I shielded the flower with my very life
And as my vitality ebbed away
I decided to stay by the flower's side
Regardless of anything that happened to me

As I closed my eyes for the final time
And as my breathing slowly eased
I herd the flower whisper its song
To send me on my eternal sleep

The heart of gold
Will forever bleed
And in its crimson wash
I will live and breed

Such hearts are rare
And my burden to bear
Is to devour them all
And make them fall

Why did you come?
Why did you care?
Why did you, your essence?
With me share

I wanted to answer
I wanted to tell
I wanted to speak
I wanted to say

But I was exhausted
Spent and frayed
I just closed my eyes
And drifted away…

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The sun is shining on a morning new
And I start thinking of what to do...
Shall I go for a walk on a sandy beach?
And invigorate my soul with the scenic view...

Shall I take a stroll through majestic vales?
Or cast an eye at pearly skies...
Watching the birds dance and play
In all their easy-going ways....

Shall I take a stroll through forests green
Hearing the emerald symphony
Of whistling wind through the singing leaves
While I rest with hands crossed above my knees

Shall I ascend the mountains tallest of tall
And watch the world bathed in clouds
See the horizon majestic and fair
And wonder what is happening there.

And in such thoughts the day is passed
The time to do is gone at last
But the visions of splendor still remain
Of the beauty there is outside and within

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Cover of By The Way ( Red Hot Chili Peppers ) By Waqas Rabbani

This was One of My Most Favourie Songs back when i was in College, really loved listening to it, i remember clearly this song came out while i was having my papers and it was all so hectic with studies and notes and anxiety and all, this song helped me get through it, i made a habit of putting on my headphones and blasting my head with the song in full volume, the problem that happened with that was the lyrics got rooted in my head, sometimes during the paper the only thing i could recall were the lyrics needless to say i flunked miserably in the last 2 papers, but all in all it was an awesome year.

About the Red Hot Chili Peppers  i have to say they are an amazing band, you start chekin out the number of songs the've done it'll knock your socks off.

Since i Loved their song so much it was natural for me to do a cover, i found a  Karaoke Verson of the Song and then used my old Audacity Mixer to Make Myself a Smashin Track. Hope you all like the Music. Peace Out.

Cover of Boulevard of Broken Dreams ( Green Day ) by Waqas Rabbani

Ever since they sang American Idiot I have been a total fan of Green Day Their Cazy antics and their Energy literally bursts through their music, so in respect and admiration i polished up my Vocals and Tried my Hand at this Personal Favourite

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Resonates so well with me Because it represents the Journey of My Life.i guess there is all that i can say about this song,and i guess that's the reason i chose to cover it.

Cover of Everybody's Fool ( Evanesence ) by Falconation the Band

I have been a Fan of  Amy Lee ever since i can remember, and i know most of you all would be going like who'se Amy Lee, well Amy Lee is the Lead Singer of the Hugely Popular Band  Evanesence and now i know you must be going like Oh yeah.. i Like them too :)... ( Just on the Down Low, same thing happened to me first time i heard bout Amy Lee, so no sweat ), so as i was saying, i was head over heels for some of the songs the band has performed back in the day with songs like  Going Under and  Bring me to Life and My Favourite of them all  My Immortal it's hard to not be impressed by their ability, you gotta admit, THEY ROCKK :-D,

So when i started workin with my band naturally there was at least one song i was gonna cover, the technical aspect being that the lead Vocal is Female, so we improvised, this was actually a jam session recording we're still polishing it so let's see what happens, also do let me know if you think i should be making any changes to it. just to you know make it sound just that bit better. do Check out the Channel on YouTube the link is down Below. Peace Out & Thanks for Visiting.

Cover of Dil Haray ( Jal ) By Falconation the Band

While everyone was hopped up on the  Atif Aslam Craze, i was actually more supportive of the Platform that Launched him to the Stratosphere's of Stardom, Yes i am Talking about his Band  Jal The Band Shorly after they came out with Their Smashing Single  AADAT Heard news that they had broken up over petty disputes, never got to learning more about that, but after they both parted ways, the music still Prevailed and i love the music both have them have come up with so it was a win win situation for me in the end.

which brings us out to Dil Haray i was part of a band called Faclonation the Band This was one of our First few Jam Sessions where we actually recorded somthing, i know the video may seem amatureish but there is real teen spirit there, we've kinda split up for a while right now, seeing as thought Lead Guitarist  Zarshan Jutt had moved to Lahore. we'll see if there is a regrouping of the band in the near future.

This is one of My Most Favourite songs and techinally the first choice for all beginner bands because the rythm is easy to work on and the song has good mass appeal, hope you like the cover. do check out the  YouTube channel for other works by falconation and Myself :)


i now relate
a litany of woes
that have plagued my mind
for days untold

i am utterly alone
and in solitude i lay
reflecting upon
the errors of my ways

mortally wounded
by loss of love
i flutter like a wounded
flightless dove

memories old plague my days
tearing and ripping my soul in ways
making me wish that i had died
long ago for many a night

yet this litany of woes
will inevitably end
for i have lost only love
but not my friends

they will heal my wings
and keep me alive
so that some day
i may dare to fly

in the azure sky....

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To Make You Mine

Emerald Grasses in rolling plains
boundless plains being blessed with rain
pearly clouds in pale blue skies
Seas of Depthless majesty..

all pale in beauty when with you compared
your ethereal charms hath invaded my mind
you have stolen my heart and my peace
making me restless in unending nights

what do i have to do to make you mine
no burden to great if you are the prize
i would gladly even forsake my soul
if thats what it takes to make you mine.

i would climb the hightst mountain
and swim to the depths of the seas
battle with unmentionable beasts
purely for you delight

my heart and soul are forever yours
tell me how to make you mine...

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The Symphony of Lust

No Title A Little Risque--
Alex Rogue Cadavid Brummit

Seeing the curves,
and feeling them move,

Supple yet firm,
the touch of bare skin,

that swells slightly so
into hills making hips

and flows lovely down,
shaping plains that are legs

and ends in crescendo
with sublime painted toes.

Parting the plains,
traversing the swerves,

Sojourning deep inside
into rainforest flesh.


The Symphony of Lust
Waqas Rabbani

Your Breath,
Ripples down my Spine..

your Form,
Gracefully Gliding with mine,

Our Lust,
A Symphony Divine,

Recklessly In Passions Wine....

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The Monster Within

solitude freed the raging beast
that lived within the crimson walls
the beating flesh known as my heart
that gave me strength, purpose, cause

it reared its claws, and rent the walls
it slashed and diced and became birthed
shattering my already decrepit heart
it killed my empathy, morals, paused

a moment then the infernal beast
coated with blood from head to toe
saw above the house of reason
and knew then where he had to go...

thus freed the beast
then made the words
that you see now
upon your screen

i am its prisoner for evermore
i am its slave for evermore
my heart is dead my mind is free
i will not hurt now, nevermore

i have no heart
no pain to feel...
And woe is me
Ill Never Heal...


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The Hero Of My Heart

I tell the tale of the gentle hands
that guided me through the walk of life

that carried an infant twenty blocks
to ease the fever of summer night

that took all pain instead of mine
that put my needs before their Own

where are they now..can they not see
or hear or feel the anguished moan

ripped from my heart, my very soul
that cries out tears inmixed in blood

in mixed in earth from haunted eyes
coursing in streams down the dirty face

dirty from the dust of graves
those that i had stooped to make...

where are those hands can they not hear
the anguised cries the aching sobs

those hands that had never even let form
in their shelter a single sob...

the singer of my lullabyes,
and the Hero of my Heart

have they gone away so far..????

that neither voice nor anguish'd cries
will ever reach them now....

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Soul Cry

Deep within me lies a flame so bright
that it can devour all in its light
a flame of passion so utterly pure
it can stave off every mortal plight

when awakened from within by gentle hands
that feed it with the warmth of love
it roars within me like a beast
but is as gentle as a dove...

burning my soul in its holy flame
it keeps me sane through incedible pains
like a medallion of courage, within my breast
it helps me endure the worst of tests

bought upon my by fate and troubled life
so much grief and unwanted strife
trouble me none now, that i am immune
by the flames of love that reside within...

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Solitary Anguish

Standing in Open Fields
in the starry sky
a cloudless night
and the moon shines bright

the startling brilliance
of beauty undefined
a moment in eternity
etched in my mind

the thoughts of pain
in mind so clear
walk on dark paths
devoid of fear

my footsteps lead me 
to a place
where water and land
blissfully embrace

in stillness and beauty
my anguish seeps
my pain and sufferance
voiced aloud

my voice it reaches
and rents the sky
the clouds appear
rain mingles with tears

that fall to the ground
the poison inside
from burning veins
emptied and drained

feel so cold and lonely now..

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Silent Lamentations

many deaths i die
in my silence
many mornings i cry
in my silence
many unending nights
of silence
destroying my sanity.......

many times i think
why wont i die
many times i question
why suffer i...
many times i feel
that i lie
to myself......

many days misspent
in lamentation
many a tear shed
on hopes false
many thoughts wasted
on baseless wishes
and unfulfilled fantasies....

and now i lie
all cold and alone
with grief awash
and all careworn
with sorrow great..
of the love i failed
of the love i failed....

Of all I've Lost

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Risque - Passion's Wine

Those silken folds
those lavender sighs
an etehereal radiance
from your amber eyes
in grace i glide
within, without
burning in sin
of immortal lust
our souls they sing
a symhhony divine
as, recklessly, wantony
so willfuly we drown
in the depths
of Passion's wine.

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srerne, a figure stands,
garbed in the cloak fear
hark now what do i hear,
the trumpet bellowing sounds

Lone warrior he, fearless
against a hundred stands
with a piece of flame
in his deadly hands

the sun glints off steel
the sounds of charge
thundersous clattering
as Greaved feet they march

Lone warrior unfearing stands
awaits his challengers they
garbed in cloaks of pain,
enslaved to misery

then the moment arrives,
dancing his deadly dance
a parry a thrust a riposte
a beheading slash, fells

his opressors, his executioners
the grass gore flecked
screams of the dead and dying
Linger they in the air

A promise and call
to the carrion feeders there
with one last slash, a scream
it ends, the misery and pain

all no more like the hundred who came
and went to their Bitter End.....

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Devoured by darkness...
weary and tired
so utterly alone
so completely despised...

i stand in my solitude
eating my sins
and bleeding my woes
from the wounds within

suffering in agony
depressed and dismayed
beyond all hopes
of healing again..

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Ramblings Revisited

I sit with hands
that clench my brow
in grip so tight
i nearly wince
though not from pain
but agony, sheer
of a voice that screams
out from within
desiring release
desiring birth
desiring creation
with all its worth

my mind so free
it unbound, flies
to the edges
of the very sky's
beyond even
oh, dare i say
the universe itself
laid bare, in craze,
in half formed thoughts
and images, grand
trying to decipher
a master plan
so out of reach
yet temptingly near
the secrets they loom
in shadows , i fear

beyond my reach, I'm
doomed to learn
but never to teach
always to listen
but never to preach
never to beckon
always beseech
trying to find
a miniscule niche

where i can lie
bare and cold
where i can grow
in silence old
and die so rest
can claim my brow
tired and worn
from Rambing now...

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On The Sea Side

i stand on the sand
and smell salty air
no care in my head
no unwanted fear.

my spirits are high
i might even fly
through pearly clouds
to clear blue skies

i wish i could stay
eternally stay
on this Empty beach
till the end of days..

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My Prayer When I Am Called Above

thank you God for the life you gave..
for happiness and hardships alike...
for the friends i met along the way..
and the rapture of love supplied...

thankyou for all the memories
i have accumulated over time.
thankyou for giving me caring parents
and for making me grow sublime

thankyou for everything that you have provided me
all throughout my life..
be it food or drink
be it love or strife..

thankyou for making me what i was..
and thank you again
for bringing me back to you
at the end of my worldly Life.......

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My Painful Song

Why do i love those who cant love back
why is this my eternal sin

my tortured soul now refuge seeks
from my wanton indulgent and reckless ways

how much will i bleed before i earn
the harmony that only love can bring

how long will my aching heart
have this painful song to sing...

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My Final Rest

i walk on sands hot not burning my feet
i walk on water not getting wet
i jump in fires and dont get burned
i walk on thorns without a drop shed..

am i mortal or something new
i can sense nothing except you
and i try to find you to tell you that
i have been denied eternal rest

i am doomed to stay senseless here
on the mortal plains
until i see a glimpse of you
to fulfil my parting wish..

to see once more your amber eyes
and smell your fragrent breath
see your hair lulling in the breeze
would give me my final rest...

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My Broken Heart

Inspired by
Bitter Pill
Kay Ryan

My Broken heart.
Waqas Rabbani.

fear of opening
the door
and finding there

sopping wet
and tear stained

My Heart
Go Die
I remain unfeeling

your Pain....!!!!

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Moonlight gently fall
as me and my love embrace..
and kindle from within
fires of ancient sins..

moonlight not wax nor wane.
lest me and my love part
and the magic of the moment
form us suddenly departs..

for i wish for an eternity
within her warm embrace
as we share the heat of passion
in our tender lover's kiss..

moolight i bless you
with eternal vigil in this night
may no clouds shade you
may your light not fade you

moonlight not wax not wane
lest my love and me part
for i wish to share this moment
for an eternity with my heart.....

Longest Journey

strangers come and strangers go
walking up and down the road
some going away some followig me
to paths untrodden or yet unseen

friends i gather along the road
travellers on the journey brief
sharing laughs and frowns memories
till fate decides to part our meet

with weary feet i continue to plod
down the seemingly unending road
breath now rattling in my lungs
ageing knees now going week..

stopping more and walking less
fearing now eternal sleep
yet inevitably inching near
the one thing that all mortals fear

the last sigh of breath
the last choked exhale
the eyes now closing
for the eternal sleep is here...


A solitary rose
swings in windy desolation
in a landscape cracked and greyed.

A tree stands dying
in a sandy desert
wishing for reviving rain

and i lie alone
on cold flagged stone
praying for a loving embrace...

Infernal Infatuation

Your Infatuation is a desire
Of unparallel proportion
In my mind unbidden
In my heart so broken…

Surrounded by fears
Like guarded walls
In tears I drown
My solitary woes

Mind unthinking
Senses unfeeling
Eyes unseeing
Any source of healing

Am doomed to life
Without your love
A greater pain
Hath never engulfed

The heart or soul of any mortal being……….

Incredible Design

i saw the wind
and felt the light
i ate the sea
and drank the sky,

i flew in water
and bathed in air
and saw the mountains
and valleys there,

i have no wings
i have ne eyes
i have no body
and i cant die,

i am eternal
i am free
i am whatever
i want to be......

In My Lover's Arms

in my lovers arms.
i would spend my days and nights
showering her with kisses soft
on long unending nights..

in my lovers arms
i would spend my days and nights
envelloped in soothing embrace
devoid of mortal plights

in my lovers arms
i would spend my days and nights
locked in heavenly embrace
till the end of all my days..

How Does It Feel

how does it feel to know
that there is out there a soul
enchanted by your charms..

how does it feel to know
that someone lies awake at night
sleepless thinking of you...

how does it feel to know
that someone prays for you to God
to have a happy life...

how does it feel to know
that someone desires your touch
on cold and lonely nights

and how would you feel if you knew
that i wrote this poem for you...

how would you feel if you knew
how much ive fallen for you.....

Holding Hands With You

as we walked hand in hand towards our destinies
through rolling plains green
i could not help and be amazed
at the sensuousness of the scene..

my mind blurred with emotions
of a magnitude extreme
its a wonder i could walk at all
cause my knees were going weak

i wanted to tell you at that moment
how my heart longed for your love
how i wanted to embrace you and hold you tight
an eternity would not be enough

for me to tell you
how my passion burned
away inside my soul........

Heart Strings

you play with my heart
like a worn out guitar
you pluck my strings
expertly and sing
songs of lust
and passionate love..

yet beware of the day
you play too hard
when the strings give way
undr your tender ministrations
and all passions flee
as you break me apart..

i am a human
and i have my limits
i cannot be forever yours
i have a life
so let me live
let me go now
Just LET ME BE !!!!...

Garden Life

look at the water lillies
gliding on yonder pond..
look at the sweet little frog
charming princesses with his songs..

look at the leafy trees
how the sing and dance in the breeze
and how the birds praise then
with chiding melody..

see how the early bird flies
in search of its gullible worm
as the worm hides under leaf
fearing even to squirm..

see how the butterfly
alights on yonder flower
drinking nectar sweet
for hours upon hours..

see the little dragons flying
on open fields in their play..
and the ants marching below
fearing occasional rain..

see the pearls above
in a pure azure sky
like diamonds in a trough
filled with blessed light...

the wonders of nature
in a simple garden life
see how they ease the cares
and lifes unwanted strife..

but not all that is good is ment to last
moments of joy soon have to pass
and so must i
therefore i go

back to my sodden downtrodden life.....

For Ashley

The reflection of you radiant beauty
fell upon my eyes one day
the eternal magic that it did
i cannot describe,or forget.

that moment etched forever in mind
when your ravel locks shin'd
like a black pearl
on that moonlit night..

the way your eyes sparkl'd
the way your face shin'd
making me burn with lust.
of magnitude undefin'd

i prayed to God
with all my heart
i prayed that somehow
you could be mine..

to hold and to cherish
live long with and perish
after my desire is sated..
and all lust has abated..

but reality struck
and understanding dawned
i realized then
that you would never be mine..

would i had been blind
such pains would not then have harm'd
your beauty then would naught be seen
and the spark of lust not lit within.

now i am doomed to burn
in that unholy fire
of that anchient sin
called Mortal Desire..

Finale - Flight of Passions

i know i will never see you again
after all this is said and done.
i wont be there when you finish this letter
because i would've turned round and gone

I have to say what i am about to say
yet my mind is straining too hard
i am at a loss to find words to say
how my agony is tearing me apart.

how regret is sinking into sinew and bone
envelloping me in a gloom such as i have never known
that could ever be achieved by any a mortal man
such agonies i have endured within

my regret is thus that i never told you
how my heart for you had burned
how the mere sight of you could make my day
yes i had fallen that much...

if you wonder why i never told you
twas part shyness part awe
i could never find courage to come and tell you
how your charms hath captivated my thoughts.

and when i did steele my senses enough
to try and talk to you at last
and begin to have talk of common things
alas all time had passed..

to forge a friendship solid & true
with an ethereal beauty of the likes of you
my hope was crushed beyond all measure
even a simple friendship i would have treasured

but the final thing that broke my heart
was the knowledge that you were besotted with another
the one who was your immortal beyond all measure
twas he who governed your heart..

i gave up all hope then of making you mine
towards a depressing solitude i began to recline
delving deeper into my own dreary thoughts
thinking of the love that i could have gained

Far Winged Deception

As i sat near lake, placid, serene
the far winged moon, embraced, i saw
the lovely lips,of mysterious depths
the horizon melted,shamed to see
that fragile, sapphire, encrusted sheen...

the zephyrs them, of mercury blew,
and around my being, rose a gale
upon its sensuous, enticing, touch
that made me shiver to my core
A prompt, for summons, brought to me

Hamadryads and their songs and dance
awaited in the clearing, East
it begged me rise,it begged me see
the endavours of the nymphs,at play
But held in Selene's enchantment, Enraptured

I made no move , Allured nor seduced,
by witches, the foolish, sluts of trees.
Ampelos, Morea, Balanos, Syke
the Seed of Oxylus Four of eight
They Called me, their call, haunting, Sweet

I rose to go, i heard a cry,
from deep within the water's Depths
Egregious Charon i Saw released,
That bastard Twisted Ether Him
Hailed me From his Post i wept,

It was not time for me to go
" Beg Hades for another Day"
" Just Let Me Stay, You , Damned Despair"
" Or Will you Let me pass for Free"
I Blurted out in Contempt, deep

To Which Replied, That Villain Him,
"Fare is Paid Its Time to Go"
Surprised, Anew by his retort,
I asked who my Odysseus be,
With Malice and mischef in his eye, he said...

"Who Other Than your Queen, Selene"

Essence of Her

Lavender Sighs,
hummingbird song her voice..
sweet honey her lips
the depths of her amber eyes

i long to drown in their depths
to keep her for my very own
to giver her all my life and love
to save her from all the hurt she's known

to bear all pains and suffer all ills
to keep her sheltered from all the harm
to carry the pain and hurt there is
to share her blissful tender warmth..

Lavender sighs
A Humminbird song her voice
Sweet honey her lips
The Depths of her Amber eyes

Within them my Soul
So Peacefully Lies....

Emerald Eyes

i remember the way your eyes
like passionate emeralds shined
when we sat beneath the bowers
for many uncounted hours...

i remember the way your eyes
like passionate emeralds shined
as we embraced each other
on that pale moonlit night...

i will remember the way your eyes
like passionate emeralds shined
forever an eternity and more
till the day i Die...

Eddies of Thought

An ivory sky
a lonely tree
overlooking the iron sea

An empty bottle
broken, shattered
sitting at the curb

a solitary rose
in solitude grows
where no mortal eyes can reach

Echoes - A New Beginning

echoes of your beautiful ways
keep me awake on endless nights
sleepless and waiting for your embrace
in those cold and lonely nights..

i burn for you my love
with all my heart and soul..
i keep you nearest to my heart
you are nearer than even my soul..

i can see your hazel eyes
when i close my own
i can smell your fragrant breath
even when im alone...

i hear your footsteps loud and clear
everywhere around
yet i still feel fear that these echoes might fade
when the darkness comes around....


i saw the wind
and felt the light
i ate the sea
and drank the sky,

i flew in water
and bathed in air
and saw the mountains
and valleys there,

i have no wings
i have ne eyes
i have no body
and i cant die,

i am eternal
i am free
i am whatever
i want to be......


The charcoal slabs and a marble tomb,
all shadowed beneath a crimson sky,
a crying eye, a dying eye, & a burning fire,

The gore flecked grounds and the rusty sword
All Crimson beneath an Ichor Sky,
a crying eye, a dying eye,& fuel for a healthy Pyre,

Screams of pain and The carrion song
Inmixed and mingled unshelterd Lie,
Crimson Fields below Ichor Skies, Envelop the Bloody Shire......


surrounded by beauty
yet bound by duty
unrivalled desires
like burning fires
have learned to burn
and forever yearn
release entire
Fullfilment of Desire

Delightful Apprehensions

listening to the sounds of the night
with my head resting on the window glass

i open my eyes to a wondrous scene
islands of light in a landscape dark

the silent rustlings of the leaves
from the trees standing in the yard

are like soft music to my ears
soothing my wounded heart.

in such stillness i stand
till the morning arives

bringigng with it
such warmth and light

to rouse ones soul
and ease ones cares

invoking joy outright...
thus my darkest night ends

i think as i bathe in the warmth
that the summer sun porvides

but i fear even in this warmth
that there will be another night....

Deadly Nightmare

Asylum night sleepless. Clock
A tick then tock a tick then tock
Watching waiting restful sleep
Tick tock weep tick tock weep
Scratching chewing banging slithering
Tick tock creep tick tock creep
Walls cracks floor blood
Tick tock seeps tick tock seeps
Struggling bound shivering breathless
Tick tock breathe tick tock breathe
Pregnant walls nightmare birth
Tick tock scream Tick tock scream
fangs hair claws rear
Tick tock fear tick tock fea
rRip slash rupture tear

No more fear
No more tears
No more pain

Ever again...............

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down Covered by Waqas Rabbani

I really Loved this Song the Moment it came out
i think i became a fan of the Band Just because of this One Song
so when i started doing Karaoke, this was a natural Choice 

Everybody's Fool Cover by Falconation the Band

I was a part of a band Called Falconation the Band, kind of a Love Hate Relationship if you know what i mean. we really gelled together at first but then i dont know what happened, we all got too busy and then everything fell apart, this is a song that we covered on a jam session, we never got around to making a formal recording even though we wrote a couple of songs together. The Person on the Guitar is Zarshan Javed. and yours truly is the Vocal. This was an Improv on the Original Song Everybody's fool by Evanesence ( Amy Lee )

Me Singing By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This used to be one of my Favorite songs back when i was a student , i remember it came while i was having my intermediate examinations, and a real headache, and then this song came on, i forgot all about my headache and proceeded to give all my neighbors a headache by screaming this song while wearing my headphones on at full volume, splendid memories.

Me Singing Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt

James Blunt is an Amazing artist, ever since you're Beautiful came out i have been a huge fan, ever since i have been trying that flasetto at the end, and well after a few years of work it didn't sound like someone stepped on a cat's tail anymore. So this is a Karaoke Recording, i have yet to find musicians who can give me great backup for my vocals, not saying there not out there, just that the're hard to find is all. hope you all like this.
The Special thing about this song for me is that is encompasses both the more serious relationships i have had in life, and both ended so painfully and suddenly, everytime hear or sing this song i think of the one's i loved, and left behind.

Without Feeling By Waqas Rabbani Ft Marcel Mokbel

 I Started singing a while back, after i met Zarshan, he was the one who pushed me to sing and not care about how people looked at me when i opened my mouth to shout the latest song that had resided in my head, i kinda took his advice and well lets just say thankfully i never got Shoes Thrown at me :), it was an interesting ride and i still sing but the high point came when i started making my own music, and during that course i met a lot of artists when i created My Own Channel on You Tube, i met some splendid atrists, i eventually stumbled upon Marcel Mokbel, and his unique Finger style Guitaring, and the moment i heard his original acoustic Without Feeling, i was Enchanted, and listening to it words started coming to me of their own accord, and within 5 minutes i had a bridge verse for the song, i pushed a bit harder and eventually in less than 20 minutes i had the whole song written down. 

Deadly Bliss

Im Burning My Love
But Let Me Burn
Im Yearning My Love
But Let Me Yearn
I Need to Learn
This Pain Of Love
This Sweetest Pain
From Heaven Blessed
This is my Test
I Intend to Win
So I can Claim
Your Sweetest Kiss
and Forever Live
in Deadly Bliss.


Hither, tither, dither yon.
where to go when lights all gone.
when darkness springs from rock and trees.
weak go doth the strongest knees.

wooshing, squeaking, hooking, sneaking.
shiny eyes from darkness peeking.
what beasts of strangeness come out at night.
illicting Horror and Mortal Fright

Randomness Part 1

I have recently put together this blog to collect all the work that I have done over time , and the reason for that was not vanity, or getting appreciation, although a small part of me really respects and feels appreciated when I hear someone say they like my work. The real reason was to do something, to get my words out, to share myself with the world.

I have lived a very emotionally repressed life, I have never shown emotion at any corner, at happiness or sorrow, I have never really enjoyed, or felt sad, I have gone through all the motions as everyone expects me to but I never really felt connected, maybe it’s a disease or something, but I feel so detached to the real world most of the time.

I find my words contain more life than I do, and I use them to share my emotions and my life with everyone, they are the only thing I have to express myself, and tell everyone who I am and what I have.

I really don’t know what I will do and what the future holds for me but soon I will write down my life history for all to read. I think it would be an interesting read for all my friends and my extended family after I am gone.

Thank you for staying with me through this randomness. I really appreciate the time you spend to read my words. And I hope some of the words that I use bring about a positive change in your life. There is a lack of love and purity and inspiration in the world today, if my words make even the slightest difference I can die happy knowing I took a step to change that.

Best Regards

Waqas Rabbani.

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