Friday, 14 October 2011

Cover of Dil Haray ( Jal ) By Falconation the Band

While everyone was hopped up on the  Atif Aslam Craze, i was actually more supportive of the Platform that Launched him to the Stratosphere's of Stardom, Yes i am Talking about his Band  Jal The Band Shorly after they came out with Their Smashing Single  AADAT Heard news that they had broken up over petty disputes, never got to learning more about that, but after they both parted ways, the music still Prevailed and i love the music both have them have come up with so it was a win win situation for me in the end.

which brings us out to Dil Haray i was part of a band called Faclonation the Band This was one of our First few Jam Sessions where we actually recorded somthing, i know the video may seem amatureish but there is real teen spirit there, we've kinda split up for a while right now, seeing as thought Lead Guitarist  Zarshan Jutt had moved to Lahore. we'll see if there is a regrouping of the band in the near future.

This is one of My Most Favourite songs and techinally the first choice for all beginner bands because the rythm is easy to work on and the song has good mass appeal, hope you like the cover. do check out the  YouTube channel for other works by falconation and Myself :)

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