Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cover of Hamesha (EP) by Falconation the Band

Entity Paradigm Also Known As EP the Band was one of the first truly innovative Hard Rock bands out in the Playground that was Pakistani Pop Rock,Even with competition from Noori and Call They Managed to get themselved Heard, which i believe is an Achievement, so Hats Off EP :) you Guys ROCK !!! :)

I totally Loved their Song Hamesha the Video was Amazing, the story inside it was awesome, i never really got to know if someone close to the band died or not, cause that was the prodominent rumor at that time, but whatever the case, a really emotional and heart touching Rock Song, that makes you want to (Slowly) Head bang to the Beat in respect of the Dearly Departed.

when i started working with my band specially my Guitarist Zarshan this was one of the few songs that we really put in the effort to perfect as one of out first songs as a band, that was even before we got Ian The Lead Guitarist and Emaan The Bassist with us and the formal name of Falconation the Band so Hope you all like the Song. it really is a Labor of Love from the Fans of EP. out Tribute and Mark of Respect for their Contributions to Pakistani Music, Peace Out.

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