Grim's Poetry Collection

This is my complete poetry collection of all the poems that i have created over the period of my life.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

You need to read this if you have ever suffered though loss of love, or have recently broken up with someone like me.


Just take some time and stop and smell the roses, dont you get tired with all those sounds, and machines, let me take you for a ride, though nature , in your mind.

My Life Story - Part 1

The earliest memories i had when i was born , the beauty i used to find in life, the innocence, the fond moments that now ache the heart....

State of Mind

When all the sounds stop, when your breathings stops, when time stands still, what is the state of your mind......

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fighting Gravity

Fighting Gravity was an Act on America's Got Talent, and i have to say they were the kind of act that has everyone asking, "How did they come up with that" , first time i saw the video i was blown away, they truly are innovators, and one cant deny the fact that they truly do Fight Gravity.

Just a bunch of kids from college who thought they could make it big, and they did, they went on become the latest new thing, if you search around for fighting gravity you'll see no less than 5 digit figures in the number of people that have viewed their acts online.

to them i gotta say, keep living the dream, and keep on FIGHTING GRAVITY !!!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Grim's Poetry Collection

I recently Thought, i've written a lot of poems and i have never gotten around to making a full collection of my work so i decided on compiling this list of all the poems i have ever written and posted on my blog, for anyone who wishes to read my work.

this was a labour of love, started years ago when i first came across some burning ashes and they fueled the pyre of my literary ambitions.

i never believed it could be possible to become a writer, but now people tell me that i am one, and i dont think i can argue becuase i feel like one, i have the wild hair and everything to prove it.

Without Further Ado find below the poems that i have ever written in chronological order.


The Ominous Mind broods over a sea of ideas
Thoughts flame through the expansive firmaments
Interlocking, engaging and creating patterns
Before bursting into words, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

The nature of the Infinitive rejoices
Boundless leaps of rays break loose in joyous hymns
Streaming freely in prisms of the elements
To resurrect the beauties of colours and space

The formless Being commands obedience to flow
Arise and be separate in terraces and hills
Undulating dunes and curving forms in bays
Laced with serpent-rivers, waterfalls and delta ways

The Lord of heavens communes by floating forms
Agitated giants arise in aggressive mien
While from their feet the canvassing earth roams free
Hugging lakes and spawning caves and crevices

Wisdom articulates rooted living greens and browns
Fed from the womb of interlocking terraces
At their feet, lesser vegetation scrubs the dirt
Birthing flowery waves to the host of the skies

The Highest fills the air with sinews of logic
Invisible pathways transverse the realm between
The wind surfers hold a parade of flight skills
Dancing on the living breath of the Almighty God

Righteousness sits on the firmament of firmaments
Decreeing the innocence of forest roamers
The wariness of the prey and its stalking predator
In a choreograph to the music of life and death

The Bellowing Voice that utters all things to be
Spoke life into the strongholds depths of blue and green
And brine drunken philosophers embraced its vastness
Courting and carousing foreshadows of vegetations

The Sovereign decrees destinies of clones of understanding
To mirror his power and majesty of his ominous mind
Behold the prince by which all things are begotten
In the reverberation of simulating appears

Dominion arose from the dusty face of the earth
Endued with powers of cascading intelligence
Rising in the octaves and billows of scented sacrifice
To the stealth and traction that overcomes the world


29th August 2008

Ayoola Babatunde Oke

Confession by Ayoola Oke

Okay Guy
Why the silence
Why the empty pages
Why are there no words
Before the invisible full stops

I starve
Thus I'm unfruitful
Because I feed on meat
That's served on your plates
To wax my prose into poetry

Post your thoughts
Let me read your minds
Snap up the loose threads
And knit them into new patterns

A Sonnet for Winter by Ayoola Oke

Filled with beauty of snow, the winter
The voiceless soft falling and dancing flakes
Cotton harvest, white polka dots litter
Sheeting the earth with the icing it makes

The grandeur of Christmas and New Year kiss
On the icy breath of the winter’s mist
Such grand beauty surely we should not miss
As death and birth confluence a yearly feast

Yet we haste to the spritely spring of life
Forgetting we age into wintry grey
The heartbeat of time is our sober midwife
As to the waiting grave we haste to lay

Winter, Winter, Winter of my old age
Pass not quickly as I savour this stage

Written while sitting on the laps of dawn 6:30 am 20th January 2008

Ajangbadi Whispers VI By Ayoola Oke

Did the passion not cling to us?
In the heat of a cooling night
Our glistening bodies illustrated
Like a work of art by the moon

Did the ecstasy not surmount?
The peak of our withheld desires
Let loose in the gut of the night
To hang contentment at dawn

Yet there were shallow meltdowns
From unrehearsed boiling points
That result in frozen grudges ...
And quiet finger-pointing eyes

Our happiness often abbreviated
Could not mask gnawing emptiness
That gaped the growing gulf between
And secret tears of discontentment

Ajangbadi was a place of innocence
The Eden of contingent discoveries
Love and pain are two sides of a coin
Tossed to flip continuously in the air

While it flips it remains hearts of aches
And when it falls, it is always heads up
For tattered dreams and fallen hopes
Burrowed deeply on our sorrowed faces

Our solemn parting held no goodbyes
We saw but pretended the end was not
We were together apart, hoping...
That the future could still belong to us

8th February 2012

A Tear For Nigeria By Ayoola Oke

A Chain Sonnet



Dusk snarls and threatens to swallow daylights
As bleak darkness creeps on the sprawling land
Its shadows climbing trees and hilly heights
Before intense blackness descends its hand

Soft lanterns, lamps and bulbs punctuate the speech
That draws a sword’s sharp curtail on freedom
They are no match for this harrowing pitch
Each creates just an island of wisdom

Under this guise the jaguars reign supreme
They are the sculpted fangs of corruption
Who suckle dry the blood of our frail dream
That this land by truth, spring forth a nation

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun


We dance to the drumbeats of filthy lies
Argue hoarse as deception bleeds our lungs
And poverty-struck people fall like flies
While hoping to gain from nepotic wrongs

We are the opened mouths of orphaned chicks
Waiting in vain on providence’s lost tail
Each rapture away as death’s hunger picks
And ailing shells of forgotten dreams fail

Shrewd vultures on our decaying flesh feast
Sweeping Abuja streets in crude finesse
Fat bellied arrogant strides that resist
The counsel of restraint and quietness

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun


They blow the smoke of their pomposity
In the faces of the dregs of our land
Paupers, fed on hopes of mendacity
To escalate them to millionaires’ brand

We all dream on foolish hopes of one day
Not like Martin Luther King’s brave forecast
But we dream selfish hopes of a big pay
That shouts personal rings of “freedom at last”

But dawn wakes to another dreary morn
“Forty nine sitting, ninety nine standing”
Our soaking sweats are tear drops that mourn
Our gross lack of basic understanding

A tear I see in the face of the sun
A tear for Nigeria the loaded gun

*Words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti from his album Shuffering and Shmiling
Ayoola Babatunde Oke
November 2008

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Change the world

right this moment,

Someone is being born
someone is dying

someone is sleeping
someone is crying

someone is lying
to the one's they love

some are speaking
of peace and doves

are flying somewhere
as birds do fly

and far away
an eye espies

a Plane, a Train, A Car, A Bike
the people in their busy lives

what are you doing i wonder now
in this thought i silent lie

and wait for you to answer why
you change not the world

with a smile or frown
believe you can, and so you shall

you matter most, believe in this
even a drop in the ocean is missed

lets smile together
and change the world

lets smile together
lets smile now

let all the world
feel your hope and joy

and on the crest of this joyous tide
i bid adieu, my work is done

i brought some light
in my own way..

and all i did
was make you smile ...

so as i said remember this
whenever you dont

your smiles are missed.

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