Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dance Macabre-Rumination Revisited

Writer: o longing o frustration so unknowingly awakened,
o caged rumination so indelicately unsheathed
break not my heart nor my self preservation i beg,
break not my soul O thy restless unbeing,

Rumination: yon mortal i see, so delicate Thy be,
thy heart and soul so painfully weak,
thy mind so limited and thine so unaware,
Thee challenge my power How do thy Dare!!!,

Writer: A humble servant to you i be,
o great rumination deeper than seas,
a vessel i be for thy use have care,
cast not asunder i beg, do spare....

Rumination: Thine Humbleness Pleases, thine Praises as well,
know that in thy mind i dwell,
I know thy secrets and know thy lies
I Know what Thee most Heartily Despise

Writer: O wicked rumination thy blight not spread
Do thy wish my lips go cold with Dead
do thee see not hear not nor smell my pain,
the crimson cloud doth ensnared my brain....

Rumination: I care not for ye Mergrims,
i know them as lies,
i give you most pleasure
how do thy despise,

Writer: O solitary rumination, thy saw my deceit,
how could i forget thy be my own blood,
thy be my own thought, thy be my own voice,
Thy be fiend of my thoughtless choice,

Ruminations: Though late thy saw the trap i posed,
Have still a care all not is lost,
mayhap it is thee knows i not care,
thy lives or dies is thine own fault.

The end of the clearing
the end of the path

O Woe
O Discordia
A King is Lost....

Death: Another wanderer i heartlessly claim
to his madness i credit his painful fall.
O Rumination O Plunderer of Mortal Men
Hallowed be Thy Name, & Thy Lusty Gall....

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