Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What the Hell is Kolaveri Di Dhanush Ji

Featured on your left is The Man Behind KOLAVERI DI the infamous Mr. Dhanush.

I think after this song came out, it split the world into two categories of people, those who have heard the song and cant get enough of it, and those that just cant stand it, but just about everyone with a pulse and an internet conection has heard this Viral Phenomenon, The KOLAVERI DI.

To this day i cannot understand what the hell Kolaveri Di means, but you have to give the guy credit, last i saw, in just 3 months the song has gotten 38,804,469 Hits, which is HELL OF A LOT...

Totaly quirky and fun filled, an original Genre Bending Song. sung in TANGLIGH an hybrid of Tamil and English. this is one song you'll either get addicted to or Love to hate.

Without Further Ado Allow me to Present, the Hugely Popular KOLAVERI DI.

Ok now that you have heard the song, i think it's fair to let you know Kolaveri Di is actually a song about a breakup, Literally Translated Kolaveri Means "why this murderous hate" and Di Means "girl" , although the context of the song is totally apart from the lyrics, basically this is a slang Tanglish song written for Tamil youths who have had bad relationships, Soup means Breakup in Tamil as far as i know.

all i can say is this song is to me a miracle of how fast something can be shared from one corner of the globe to another, and also a testament to the fact that innovation in music is not dead at all.

On this note i bid Adieu, will be coming back soon with Skillet's Hero. Ciao.


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