Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crimson Beauty

I saw a rose from far way,
upon a hill it proudly stood
i was enchanted, at a glance
and i wondered if i somehow could

take it away from its lofty perch
have it for my very own
with this aim, i thus set forth
with eager steps, let truth be told

i ascended the rise, easy, carefree
how could i've known, the fate of me
soon folly embraced and doom ensnared
i was hindered from my lofty goal

i was impeded, by a wall of thorns
ere i known, what my fate had delt
i may not have dared, to further go
but selfishly alas, dared, i had.

inflamed, my mind, by the crimson beauty
for the yearning to embrace its silken warmth
i pushed through the impeding wall of thorns
that rent the very flesh from bone.

dauntless i pushed, embracing the pain
feeling i had too much to gain
they stabbed like vipers,
they burned like fire

the thorns, the thorns, how they conspired
to defer me from my hearty goal
but i was determined to prove myself
mortally wounded i deftly strode

i came to a clearing , battered and beaten
bloody and weak, just barely alive.
feverish and mad with pain and delirium
in such state, i finally espied

my precious, my dear, my wonderful, my fair
my crimson beauty in all its pride
all alone and calling to me
dancing and singing in the evening breeze,

i found i was then unable to stand
too much i had bled i felt drained and weak
the reaper flashed near with a swish of his cloak
and then my darling started to speak

O wanderer, oh lover, how far you have come
to claim me for your very own
the pains you took, the hurt you felt
could fill the pages of many books

but foolish wanderer how did you dare
to form the thought within your mind
to dare the lust within your heart
that you could claim the likes of me

i have stood proud for many a years
for eons more i will thus stand
countless fools than you before
have all tried, and failed at hand

i am incarnate, eternal beauty
fools like you are called by me
to feed me from your blood and soul
so that i can shine forever free

i am not yours, nor ever was
but your soul my dear belongs to me
i have now fed, i am now sated
just one last thing i require of thee

i saw the reaper, then glide forth
that bastard of creation him
beside me stopped, and a moment later
i felt his fist rip into me.

he grabbed my heart, and then he pulled
wetly and weakly it parted me
a blaze of pain and numbing cold
i felt no more i ceased to be....
his heart still pumped, within my hand
daring to do, its vital task
needless and useless however, thereof
i brought it back to my crimson queen

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