Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Sin of Solitude

My Curse

Man is a social animal, and you know that's not just a saying, i think we are most sane when we are in the presence of company, it is when we are alone that our minds begin to wander, and explore the hidden sides of our personalities. None of us are saints, and none of us are Demons, there is no absolute black or white in the world Just shades of gray, and everything is lighter and more brighter in the presence of company.

i have learned something, there are revelations to be made in solitufe, when all the noise stops, and the clock strikes twelve, and the world around you falls asleep, try and sit and watch out your window, the stillness, the absolute calm, and in that silence, your mind will wake, it is one of the best and yet the most terrible things you can do to yourself, to let your mind wake up, and let rumination take over, you will find the words that you have never thought you could find, you will see things in your mind that are fantastic and seem impossible, and you will find ways to make them possible, you will know exultation, fear, apprehension, pain, joy and nostalgia, once you take the plunge and lose yourself in your mind,

we move though our life not caring and not thinking, our lives are designed for us, from our moment of waking to our moment of sleeping our paths are defined, and we live in those cycles till the day we die, a never ending repetition of events and occurances that ultimately lead to the moment in time where we cease to exist as an independent entity and fall back into the ether.

those reading through will be wondering why i call this monologue my curse, because i accepted solitude, as it was forced upon me and i made it mine. my solitude shapes me, defines me, and forces me to think, the words you see upon your screen are penned in solitude, this is what my existance has become, my curse is to stay on this throne of unlimited possibilities and not share it with anyone, the curse is, those who suffer solitude find in themselves the seed to greatness, yet paradoxically those seeds are nurtured in the oasis of company, the same oasis that is shunned and eventually abhorred in the pursuit of greatness. i now see that success lies in being lonely and being in company, to crave the warmth of human affection and the frigid isolation of solitude in equal measure

i have yet to overcome my curse, i pray that those who have started their quest to greatness get the chance to learn how to fight thier curse. my prayers are with all who lie in solitude, and for those who seek it, and for those who cannot seem to give up thir loneliness, may all you restless souls find peace, and pray for me to find my peace too

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