Friday, 14 October 2011

For Ashley

The reflection of you radiant beauty
fell upon my eyes one day
the eternal magic that it did
i cannot describe,or forget.

that moment etched forever in mind
when your ravel locks shin'd
like a black pearl
on that moonlit night..

the way your eyes sparkl'd
the way your face shin'd
making me burn with lust.
of magnitude undefin'd

i prayed to God
with all my heart
i prayed that somehow
you could be mine..

to hold and to cherish
live long with and perish
after my desire is sated..
and all lust has abated..

but reality struck
and understanding dawned
i realized then
that you would never be mine..

would i had been blind
such pains would not then have harm'd
your beauty then would naught be seen
and the spark of lust not lit within.

now i am doomed to burn
in that unholy fire
of that anchient sin
called Mortal Desire..

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