Friday, 14 October 2011

Garden Life

look at the water lillies
gliding on yonder pond..
look at the sweet little frog
charming princesses with his songs..

look at the leafy trees
how the sing and dance in the breeze
and how the birds praise then
with chiding melody..

see how the early bird flies
in search of its gullible worm
as the worm hides under leaf
fearing even to squirm..

see how the butterfly
alights on yonder flower
drinking nectar sweet
for hours upon hours..

see the little dragons flying
on open fields in their play..
and the ants marching below
fearing occasional rain..

see the pearls above
in a pure azure sky
like diamonds in a trough
filled with blessed light...

the wonders of nature
in a simple garden life
see how they ease the cares
and lifes unwanted strife..

but not all that is good is ment to last
moments of joy soon have to pass
and so must i
therefore i go

back to my sodden downtrodden life.....

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