Friday, 21 October 2011

Alex G - Lady Antebellum - Just a Kiss

Alex G

I was inspired to start my YouTube Channel by a Very Close Friend Suzanne, she asked me to make a channel because she saw a video i posted on Facebook and she though i needed to get my voice out there. i took her advice and created my YouTube Channel after i made the channel i searched through her subscriptions, and i stumbled upon a lot of Amazing Artists (ive subscribed to all of em :)) and out of them i Discovered Alex G

AleX G is simple amazing, and anyone who has heard her sing would say the same, all i know about Alex G is that the lives in Colorado, she's and she's a brilliant Songwriter,

Alex has covered a lot of songs since she's been in the scene, i would recommend a subscription to Her Channel, a List of the songs that Alex has Covered are mentioned below.

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reeelllyy cooll song luvvdd itt :-D
thankszzz 4 postng.. :)

thanks, i've finally completed the design of my blog, so i'ma be sharing more stuff online soon... :-) stay tuned. . :)

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