Friday, 14 October 2011

Silent Lamentations

many deaths i die
in my silence
many mornings i cry
in my silence
many unending nights
of silence
destroying my sanity.......

many times i think
why wont i die
many times i question
why suffer i...
many times i feel
that i lie
to myself......

many days misspent
in lamentation
many a tear shed
on hopes false
many thoughts wasted
on baseless wishes
and unfulfilled fantasies....

and now i lie
all cold and alone
with grief awash
and all careworn
with sorrow great..
of the love i failed
of the love i failed....

Of all I've Lost

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Just amazing...... i feel everything you wrote

lykd it... you have a good style of writing...

i'm just glad you liked reading it :)

Thankyou for your praise. i really appreciate it..

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