Friday, 11 November 2011

G+ Vs Facebook Vs Online Privacy

Ever since Google + Came out i have been browsing all around and learning more and more and listening to all the gurus of social media and how they percieve google plus to be. there was a huge hate campaign against Mark Zukberg on the initial stages of the decelopment of Google +, a lot of people screamed UNCIRCLCE and a lot of people made issues about the competition that Google + Posed to Facebook.

where do we stand now. it has been a while since the platform came online , i think they suffered a big blog from the rant made by one of the inner circle of develoopers at google who stated that Google does not know platforms and now most recently it hurts the image and positin they came out with , an article by Bradley Horowitz that says Google + is not a social network at all i am forced to believe that the hype has died, the mega campaign to have people jump from the facebook bandwagon to the google + bandwagon has in my opinion failed and quite miserably.

i will not be a hypocrite i was annoyed when facebook launced the news feed above the chat window and i filpped them the digital bird proclaiming that google plus rocked, but over time using both these platforms i have to say there was never a question of google + winning over facebook in regards to taking it's users; although that was not the win that Google + executives were looking for.

 see what this all boils down to is the big Bucks, the advertizing money, and that is where i think google will win in the end, although how big a victory it will be and at what cost to the privacy of the regular user raises a lot of uncomfortable questions.

According to Bradley the whole concept was to link all the services together, and Google + certainly does that, and combined with their search engine they have a tool that is more powerful the web has ever known for mapping consumer trends. imagine all the searches you make from google, being recorded in your name , and you being provided advertisements based on that, essentially the circles concept will work behind the scenes singling you out for products and services based on your search results over time, it would be a great thing and the worst thing ever. depends on what side you look at it from. i personally dont mind the idea of an intelligent search engine that gives me ad's based on things that i search about. it would totally chage the dynamic. and could theoretically provide a more surgical ad placement that facebook can provide.

for me there are two parts of my online life, one that involves all my activity on facebook and my random search and read and research activity on google +, being a consumer of both services, i am forced to conclude that personally i feel more comfortable with facebook for now in sharing my information. i dont know why the idea of my whole search pattern in the hands of google scares me and exites me at the same time. all i know as in the online war for the big advertising bucks, the bulls will lock horns, and we the consumers will have the ultimate reward against the ultimate sacrifice of our Privacy.

i can safely say the platform that can satisfy the need for securty over the sharing of personal information will be the ultimate winner in cyberspace.

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