Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reflections on Consciousness and Reality

It is sometimes fascinating to observe to what lengths nature has gone to, to sustain the construct of consciousness in all it's forms, if i were to say that stars love to think and look at themselves perhaps i wouldn't be wrong, the wolf of today that howls at the moon was the carbon atom of yesterday born inside a dying star after all.

All of the activities we perform are primarily to sustain our consciousness and for the propagation of our genetic code, it is the defining prerogative of all life, to continue to live and propagate, but on the other hand if i look at this system critically, i see flaws. consciousness perhaps isn't perfect because it overrides genetic prerogative, people kill themselves sometimes , we have been genetically programmed to keep ourselves alive yet the thinking feeling intelligent human does take his own life, what does that tell us. Perhaps the thinking feeling human has surpassed the laws or limitations of his own fundamental nature, it is however a rare occurrence for a human to kill himself, it is not common practice. The simple fact that it does not happen all the time everywhere counts as proof that it might only be an imbalance or imperfection in the construct itself.

The organization of matter in this universe leads me to ask certain questions of myself, matter is as we know energy expressing itself in slow vibrations, matter clumps together to form atoms, the building blocks of everything, atoms clump together to form molecules, molecules clump together to form complex chains of molecules, that end up giving rise to complex programmable sequences of code that have the ability to replicate themselves, from this ability of self replication is born the first fundamental unit of life the cell, this cell in turn learns to clump together to form a multicellular organism, which learns to function together to form even larger more organized and specialized multicellular organisms, and over many eons of testing and evolution comes the modern human, consciousness in mobility.

what comes after ?

collective consciousness ? supra consciousness ? there are all sorts of theories about what happens to consciousness after the death of the body, all religions have their ways of explaining the afterlife, the soul.

what if consciousness does behave like that what if it ends , what if it does not end, if we look at consciousness like we look at other forces of nature and understand its comings and goings by applying the law of conservation of energy, the human soul the thinking feeling part of us the consciousness itself perhaps all it does is change it's form.

The question i find myself asking is, are memories left behind ? or do the leave with the soul ? when the soul leaves the body the consciousness ends from the mortal frame does it take with it the constituents of it's habitation , experiences, memories or does it leave in a more rudimentary form.

we have yet to understand the phenomenon of consciousness in it's entirety, so far we know that memory is a molecule but can we bring consciousness down to our observable methods and link it to matter ?

perhaps some day it will happen, some day we will have the technology to see within the heart of the atom and see consciousness within it

perhaps someday we will see within each atom of matter the beating heart of all creation.

perhaps consciousness much like gravity only expresses itself at a significant enough level of organization and not before, how singularly exhilarating would it be to look within the atom and see the seeds of all souls ever created knowing that everywhere and everything is life


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