Grim's Poetry Collection

This is my complete poetry collection of all the poems that i have created over the period of my life.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

You need to read this if you have ever suffered though loss of love, or have recently broken up with someone like me.


Just take some time and stop and smell the roses, dont you get tired with all those sounds, and machines, let me take you for a ride, though nature , in your mind.

My Life Story - Part 1

The earliest memories i had when i was born , the beauty i used to find in life, the innocence, the fond moments that now ache the heart....

State of Mind

When all the sounds stop, when your breathings stops, when time stands still, what is the state of your mind......

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Prelude - Key to Success

I was sitting and working on a project and the light went out, i was stuck without anything to do so i let my mind wander as usual.

while i was thinking i realized that all throughout my life i have felt that i would do great things someday, and weirdly enough in the same moment i thought about how many other people alive at this moment on this great third rock from the sun felt the same as i do.

the moment this realization struct me, i felt a kinship with all my fellow wanderers, the victims of marked destinies, i began to think of all the people who had achieved success in the past, those that knew that they were born to do great things, which got me thinking about the reasons, the causes, the why's and the when's , and it started a whole chain of thought in my mind.

i started churning my brain recalling all the books i had ever read, all the biographies of those successful writers, and then my vision broadened, i started thinking about all the notable names of the past and present and started thinking about their achievements and their paths and trials that they went through to achieve their success, this got me thinking about the people who never find their path, those that never see the moments that bring everything to gether, those people that never get their catalyzing moments, those that fail to see their staiway to succes.

i have seen many people in my life who have not been able to achieve their greatness, people who work hard all their life and never find their defining moments, people who struggle , day in and day out. and never achieve success, people like you and me who know inside that they are ment for bigger and better things and still never get to find those catalyzing moments, those moments that become the key to success.

i immersed my being into these thoughts and i realized one thing, i saw a parallel, in my mind's eye i felt the hints of strong overlapping patterns, and i realized , that creating those cirsumstances was what was needed, getting that moment, getting those lives linked to yours, getting those threads of destinies intertwined to become an amazing tapersty that could catalyze the seeds of greatness inside.

there is always a chance to become great, what we fail to see are the connections we need to build, the karma we need to gather, the thoughts we need to bring and the one's we need to deny, the feelings we need to feel that magnetize our soul, and bring the catalyzing moments closer to the path of our destiny.

my heart tells me to read more into these thoughts, that it is something that i was born to do, these thoughts somehow bring my mind peace, one that i have never known for a long long time, in my troubled life, a feeling of belonging to a purpose greater than me, with me being a piece of the whole, and not important yet not insignificant, a feeling of being woven in the tapestry of the lives of those people my purpose will connect me to, a sense of the energy of combined fate and chance being plied and forged by will and thought.

another side of me , the darker part of my soul tells me that this is too big a task, and that my meager soul is not worth it, i may not be strong enough, this voice of doubt is a powerful voice, and what it makes me realize is that i alone do not have the strength to end this voice, that my tapestry cannot be forged from my thread alone.

i will share my words, this is what it comes to at last, in the hopes that other's who wish to find me will find me, and we will weave together a masterpiece of shining destinies, for a hope that our threads will weave a better future, for the greater good.

i will patiently wait to guide, to instruct, to challenge, and bring other's to the realization of their destinies, it is what my heart tells me i am born to do.

i wish not to be a king
rather a maker of kings i be

living in hollow hovel
where even giants will tread with awe.

Let my words find them
and let their fates be bound

for the fulfillment of cherished passions
for the greater good of all.

and on this i bid Adieu

May my words find you on feeting wings of chance and good fortune, and may my words be a talisman, to make your dying embers flash forward with pheonix grace and begin to shine anew.

Yours Truly.

Rambling Sage.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to get web design clients

i have been in the marketing line for the past 9 years of my life working exclusively in I.T. related products and services, and i have learned a thing or two about the psychology of the species of mammal known as the Clientus Most Supidus, and i am here to share my findings on my utopian method of procuring website projects from the said species.

the web design frim that i work with has the complete mechanics, web designing is specialized with a wholly seperate design team, the PSD to HTML process is carried out by a seperate team altogether, and the Core Development Team provides Dynamic Development Solutions on Open Source CMS such as Wordpress and Open Cart or even Develop PHP based customized projects, now that you know what mechanism is in place, allow me to enlighten you as to how to make it work.

Firstly i would like to inform you that i myself Being the Team Leader of all these functional teams as the Head of Business Procurement, meaning i am quite technically sound when it comes to design , HTML and WordPress and other CMS platforms, and i can hold intelligent conversations with development teams. which is the key element that really helps me out in securing the projects in the first place. remember , you can never send a boy to do a man's job, you can never have a non technical grunt gain the client's attention ( Trust me i have tried and have had to fire entire teams ).

This is my Method of Interacting with the open Market.

1 ) Doing Homework.

Fist thing i do is actually create a target for myself abour some specific industry and specialization, meaning to say i build my own niche, doing some in depth research, for E.G if i were to pick up "Vetrinarians" as a project i would actually make it a whole folder on my system , and start searching for all the vetrinarians in my geographic range, using classifieds and other resources,  i would break my data off into two chunks, those that do not have websites, and those that do have websites, then i would further break off the section into two chunks of people who have good websites and people who have not to good websites, once the grunt work is done i will start developing my product.

2 ) Creating a Product.

This method is totally different from the usual methodology of actually going to the market and making cold calls case to case and offering web solutions and asking the clients what they want, this is the part that makes you stand out as a web design agency that has it's stuff all togehter.

Remember the homework we did in the previous step ?.. we take that same homework and actually learn the functionality and the types of navigation that other Veterinarians have and the kind of user interface that other veterinarians have deployed on their websites, we take the best of the best features from the websites and list them out on a piece of paper, and put a lot of time intensive effort into improving on the existing concepts with our ability and experiences from other industries.

once we have our idea, we create a design framework we have created the basic elements of a website design, we take this idea that we have created and develop a mockup of the project meanwhile the mockup options are being prepared ( Create a total of 5 to 6 options each with totally different concepts like horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, parallax scrolling and 3 column and 960 grid design ) we move on to step 3

3 ) Initiating contact

Opening up an avenue of communication is a crucual step at this point. so now is the time to pick up that phone and gas that car and have that suit ready, because we are now going to conduct some meetings ,introdcing yourself as a typical sales person would be stupid, using flashy terms like Key account manager for their specific industry, or business promotion expert, that kind of thing ususally goes well with clients, basically you want them to feel that you are coming to them to help improve their business scenario, which is what you will ultimately doing in the long run by providing them a better face to present to clients, and functionalities that help optimize some crucial business processes.

tell them that you are specifically working on the local market in that particular industry, and that you have some observations you want to share with them, assure them that the consultation will not cost them anything if they have any reservations and be as helpful as you possibly can be sharing your ideas about how important a strong online presence can be for their business and showing them those websites that are well designed based on your experience on searching online.

this will potentially help in showcasing you as a professional and a relavent person for their need. tell them you will email them your findings and once you feel the client has had a realization dawn upon them that they do need a good website, ( this you will feel when they usually lean back and start listening to the things you are saying ) go ahead and tell them that your team is creating some designs for this industry to be shared with all businesses that require an updation of design, and that you would be more than willing to share those designs with them in a second meeting , inform them designs will not cost, but if they decide to work our the project you will charge them for the development services.

go back to your office with a lead in your hand and send your research off in an email to your client, talk about what they liked and did not like in those websites you sent them, get a feel for what they want, and adjust your designs in process accordingly.

3 - B ) Catching up on the laggards

sometimes you will have some great meetings and they will like the designs and need something to tip them over the edge, for these kinds of clients , have your team actually create 1 or 2 excellent designs into HTML and upload them on a demo URL on your server to showcase the same design to that client that just wont say yes and hand you over the cheque.

in my practical experience most of my clients have crossed that barrier of making a decision to moving ahead as soon as i showcased my live mockups.

4 ) submitting your proposal

once you have all design options prepared just arrange a second meeting with your client, and go on and showcase your designs, do remember to show them in parallen to the good and bad designs of the same industry. so that they have a measure of your design proficiency.and once the discussions have tapered off from what they like and dont like towards the moment when they start talking about how to start work, whip out your proposal and start talking.

( now on making the proposal i have to share my thoughts, usually what i have seen is that just webiste clients are kind of boring and too much of a hassle, so i basically have a large design team and a social media team as well. when i offer services i go ahead and give the complete package of web design with social media and seo which usually goes very well with my clients. )

5 ) Negotiations.

remember to quote high and leave a margin, the average Clientus Most Stupidus has the tendency to negotiate to at least 40% of the listed price, so try to hit this in the sweet spot and you will score, if you have not given the client a margin enough to be comfortable for you, make sure that you offer add on services in the same price so as not to go below asking price, or offer to break the payment in installments to make them comfortable for the client.

these were my steps in securing the perfect client, i have had a lot of success in working in this manner and i hope all of you who follow this process will achieve success

have fun and happy hunting. :D

Thursday, 12 July 2012

i have writer's block now !!! WOOT WOOT

i have writer's block, it seems that the creative juices that used to flow in my head are not flowing anymore, and that passion that i used to have in the beauty and poetry of the written word fails to excite my heart an soul the way it used to.

i feel as if i am constantly stuck in a cloud of sorrow, a cloud that veils my creativity, and shadows my inner light, making me unable to shine the way i wish to, the way i want to.

i don't know how i am supposed to go on this way, with all this darkness in my soul hindering my growth and ability.

there are so many things that i think about, that make me restless take away my sleep at 2 in the morning, so many unfulfilled desires and needs, so many thoughts and words that need vent, so many emotions that i have not been able to color with my words on the parchment of my reality.

i feel like a fuming volcano, not being able to pen my words, not being able to think freely is having such a bad impact on my psychology, i am constantly irritable, constantly angry, always in a bad mood, not really caring about what i should do, and what i can or could do.

back when my mind was under my command and this void these fumes of confusions had not yet gripped my mind, i was carefree, and i had a beautiful soul, and such beautiful thoughts, then for reasons not known to my, my mental utopia was engulfed in the fumes of this senseless void, and a darkness engulfed my mind, consuming my creativity and part of my sanity.

i walk senseless, unfeeling and uncaring of the world around me, not really knowing what i am doing and not really knowing where i am going, losing all sense of my direction and sense of belonging.

these feelings of isolation never go away, always inside my mind i feel that i have nothing more to go on with, always i am stuck thinking how to go on. and in my confusion i lose all coherence.

this writer's block will be the end of me, i wish there was some way i could break free of these vices that grip my mind.

sometimes i get surprised over the fact that something so simple as an thought born of the ether could trap a mind such as mine, not saying that my mind is brilliant than anyone else, but the mere fact that something can debilitate the powers and extent of the human mind is simply astounding.

i believe the human mind to be the most dynamic of machines, capable of sustaining itself indefinitely, able to self repair, able to recover from critical failure, able to perform under immense stresses, yet still so weak as to be trapped in the musings of a simple thought born of the ether.

i wish i had studied psychology and read more about how the human minds works, i would then perhaps have been able to control what had been happening to me.

still. all can ask for not are prayers of those who stuck with my musings for this long and have read to the end of the passage, i don't know why you read what i write, perhaps what i write resonates with you, i hope i am able to give you a sense that you are not the only one out there facing the things you are, that would give me some peace and equilibrium.

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