Friday, 14 October 2011

Cover of Everybody's Fool ( Evanesence ) by Falconation the Band

I have been a Fan of  Amy Lee ever since i can remember, and i know most of you all would be going like who'se Amy Lee, well Amy Lee is the Lead Singer of the Hugely Popular Band  Evanesence and now i know you must be going like Oh yeah.. i Like them too :)... ( Just on the Down Low, same thing happened to me first time i heard bout Amy Lee, so no sweat ), so as i was saying, i was head over heels for some of the songs the band has performed back in the day with songs like  Going Under and  Bring me to Life and My Favourite of them all  My Immortal it's hard to not be impressed by their ability, you gotta admit, THEY ROCKK :-D,

So when i started workin with my band naturally there was at least one song i was gonna cover, the technical aspect being that the lead Vocal is Female, so we improvised, this was actually a jam session recording we're still polishing it so let's see what happens, also do let me know if you think i should be making any changes to it. just to you know make it sound just that bit better. do Check out the Channel on YouTube the link is down Below. Peace Out & Thanks for Visiting.

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