Friday, 14 October 2011

Finale - Flight of Passions

i know i will never see you again
after all this is said and done.
i wont be there when you finish this letter
because i would've turned round and gone

I have to say what i am about to say
yet my mind is straining too hard
i am at a loss to find words to say
how my agony is tearing me apart.

how regret is sinking into sinew and bone
envelloping me in a gloom such as i have never known
that could ever be achieved by any a mortal man
such agonies i have endured within

my regret is thus that i never told you
how my heart for you had burned
how the mere sight of you could make my day
yes i had fallen that much...

if you wonder why i never told you
twas part shyness part awe
i could never find courage to come and tell you
how your charms hath captivated my thoughts.

and when i did steele my senses enough
to try and talk to you at last
and begin to have talk of common things
alas all time had passed..

to forge a friendship solid & true
with an ethereal beauty of the likes of you
my hope was crushed beyond all measure
even a simple friendship i would have treasured

but the final thing that broke my heart
was the knowledge that you were besotted with another
the one who was your immortal beyond all measure
twas he who governed your heart..

i gave up all hope then of making you mine
towards a depressing solitude i began to recline
delving deeper into my own dreary thoughts
thinking of the love that i could have gained

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