Friday, 14 October 2011


The sun is shining on a morning new
And I start thinking of what to do...
Shall I go for a walk on a sandy beach?
And invigorate my soul with the scenic view...

Shall I take a stroll through majestic vales?
Or cast an eye at pearly skies...
Watching the birds dance and play
In all their easy-going ways....

Shall I take a stroll through forests green
Hearing the emerald symphony
Of whistling wind through the singing leaves
While I rest with hands crossed above my knees

Shall I ascend the mountains tallest of tall
And watch the world bathed in clouds
See the horizon majestic and fair
And wonder what is happening there.

And in such thoughts the day is passed
The time to do is gone at last
But the visions of splendor still remain
Of the beauty there is outside and within

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