Friday, 14 October 2011

The Winter's Flower

By the warmth of the fire in the fireplace
So cozy in the blankets I lay
Seeing the snow fall through the window
And the wind howling away

The creaking beams overhead
And the crackling of the flames
The smell of the hot chocolate I held
That warmed me from within

And as I gazed through the glass
Something caught my eye
Between the drifts of snow
A flower I espied

So fragile and yet so proud
All alone I saw it stood
Boldly facing the storm
As though it thought it could

I got out from under the covers
And went outside to see
The boldest of all the flowers
Staring back at me

I asked the lonely flower
If it wanted company
The flower then replied
It needed no help from me

Many winters I have faced
Many storms I have seen
I can stay like this
For as long as I need

Such a cold reply it gave
For a moment I did not respond
Than I told the flower
I will shield it from the storm.

I sat among the drifts of snow
Ignoring the heated cries
That the flower loosed upon me
I said that I didn't mind

I stayed out in the numbing cold
And shared with the flower my warmth
I gave the flower all I could and more
But the flower just continued to ignore

I shielded the flower with my very life
And as my vitality ebbed away
I decided to stay by the flower's side
Regardless of anything that happened to me

As I closed my eyes for the final time
And as my breathing slowly eased
I herd the flower whisper its song
To send me on my eternal sleep

The heart of gold
Will forever bleed
And in its crimson wash
I will live and breed

Such hearts are rare
And my burden to bear
Is to devour them all
And make them fall

Why did you come?
Why did you care?
Why did you, your essence?
With me share

I wanted to answer
I wanted to tell
I wanted to speak
I wanted to say

But I was exhausted
Spent and frayed
I just closed my eyes
And drifted away…

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