Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Randomness Part 1

I have recently put together this blog to collect all the work that I have done over time , and the reason for that was not vanity, or getting appreciation, although a small part of me really respects and feels appreciated when I hear someone say they like my work. The real reason was to do something, to get my words out, to share myself with the world.

I have lived a very emotionally repressed life, I have never shown emotion at any corner, at happiness or sorrow, I have never really enjoyed, or felt sad, I have gone through all the motions as everyone expects me to but I never really felt connected, maybe it’s a disease or something, but I feel so detached to the real world most of the time.

I find my words contain more life than I do, and I use them to share my emotions and my life with everyone, they are the only thing I have to express myself, and tell everyone who I am and what I have.

I really don’t know what I will do and what the future holds for me but soon I will write down my life history for all to read. I think it would be an interesting read for all my friends and my extended family after I am gone.

Thank you for staying with me through this randomness. I really appreciate the time you spend to read my words. And I hope some of the words that I use bring about a positive change in your life. There is a lack of love and purity and inspiration in the world today, if my words make even the slightest difference I can die happy knowing I took a step to change that.

Best Regards

Waqas Rabbani.


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