Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cover Goodbye My Lover ( James Blunt ) By Waqas Rabbani

James Blunt became a smasing success with his first Single  You're Beautiful  and i totally fell in love with his Music since then, i remember when i started to practice his songs it literally sounded like someone stepped on a cat's tail when i reached the falsetto part, after a lot of Training and Effort i Finally Made it to the Point of being able to sing james Blunt, i found a Karaoke Track for GoodBye My Lover and i went from There, took a few tries but i finally nailed it and the results are up for your (Hopefully) Kind Eludication. :)

I'm Also working on another track The original You're Beautiful, Hopefully i will have worked on it in a few weeks time and have that up for you (Hopefully) kind observation as well :), do check out my other works on my Youtube Channel , hope you all like it..

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