Friday, 14 October 2011

Cover of By The Way ( Red Hot Chili Peppers ) By Waqas Rabbani

This was One of My Most Favourie Songs back when i was in College, really loved listening to it, i remember clearly this song came out while i was having my papers and it was all so hectic with studies and notes and anxiety and all, this song helped me get through it, i made a habit of putting on my headphones and blasting my head with the song in full volume, the problem that happened with that was the lyrics got rooted in my head, sometimes during the paper the only thing i could recall were the lyrics needless to say i flunked miserably in the last 2 papers, but all in all it was an awesome year.

About the Red Hot Chili Peppers  i have to say they are an amazing band, you start chekin out the number of songs the've done it'll knock your socks off.

Since i Loved their song so much it was natural for me to do a cover, i found a  Karaoke Verson of the Song and then used my old Audacity Mixer to Make Myself a Smashin Track. Hope you all like the Music. Peace Out.

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