Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Without Feeling By Waqas Rabbani Ft Marcel Mokbel

 I Started singing a while back, after i met Zarshan, he was the one who pushed me to sing and not care about how people looked at me when i opened my mouth to shout the latest song that had resided in my head, i kinda took his advice and well lets just say thankfully i never got Shoes Thrown at me :), it was an interesting ride and i still sing but the high point came when i started making my own music, and during that course i met a lot of artists when i created My Own Channel on You Tube, i met some splendid atrists, i eventually stumbled upon Marcel Mokbel, and his unique Finger style Guitaring, and the moment i heard his original acoustic Without Feeling, i was Enchanted, and listening to it words started coming to me of their own accord, and within 5 minutes i had a bridge verse for the song, i pushed a bit harder and eventually in less than 20 minutes i had the whole song written down. 

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