Friday, 14 October 2011

Ramblings Revisited

I sit with hands
that clench my brow
in grip so tight
i nearly wince
though not from pain
but agony, sheer
of a voice that screams
out from within
desiring release
desiring birth
desiring creation
with all its worth

my mind so free
it unbound, flies
to the edges
of the very sky's
beyond even
oh, dare i say
the universe itself
laid bare, in craze,
in half formed thoughts
and images, grand
trying to decipher
a master plan
so out of reach
yet temptingly near
the secrets they loom
in shadows , i fear

beyond my reach, I'm
doomed to learn
but never to teach
always to listen
but never to preach
never to beckon
always beseech
trying to find
a miniscule niche

where i can lie
bare and cold
where i can grow
in silence old
and die so rest
can claim my brow
tired and worn
from Rambing now...

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Felt it to my core.....You are speaking my language :)

i am flattered and humbled
undeserving i am
for your kindness, and grand praise

forever and always
shall i be
never the potter, only the clay...

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