Friday, 7 October 2011

An Ode to Fallen Heroes of Bloody Destinies

A moment frozen in eternity
A heart Encased in Thorns
the next beat shall be its last
but will the world then mourn..

the loss, the boldest of hearts
into extinction passed
erased from the books of life
from the Field of existance cast..

The true, the brave roam free
beyond the mortal plain
await their hero friend
and his return, rejoiced

The beat it comes
Time runs its course
the heart it beats
its final hoarse

Cry, the anguish
rent the sky,
the heavens reeled
the doves took flight..

The crimson seas,
they soon poured forth,
to sate the lust,
Of Destiny's Dry

And waiting arms
their Dream Fulfilled,
they now have Ink
To Pens, Anoint........

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