Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Change the world

right this moment,

Someone is being born
someone is dying

someone is sleeping
someone is crying

someone is lying
to the one's they love

some are speaking
of peace and doves

are flying somewhere
as birds do fly

and far away
an eye espies

a Plane, a Train, A Car, A Bike
the people in their busy lives

what are you doing i wonder now
in this thought i silent lie

and wait for you to answer why
you change not the world

with a smile or frown
believe you can, and so you shall

you matter most, believe in this
even a drop in the ocean is missed

lets smile together
and change the world

lets smile together
lets smile now

let all the world
feel your hope and joy

and on the crest of this joyous tide
i bid adieu, my work is done

i brought some light
in my own way..

and all i did
was make you smile ...

so as i said remember this
whenever you dont

your smiles are missed.

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