Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ajangbadi Whispers VI By Ayoola Oke

Did the passion not cling to us?
In the heat of a cooling night
Our glistening bodies illustrated
Like a work of art by the moon

Did the ecstasy not surmount?
The peak of our withheld desires
Let loose in the gut of the night
To hang contentment at dawn

Yet there were shallow meltdowns
From unrehearsed boiling points
That result in frozen grudges ...
And quiet finger-pointing eyes

Our happiness often abbreviated
Could not mask gnawing emptiness
That gaped the growing gulf between
And secret tears of discontentment

Ajangbadi was a place of innocence
The Eden of contingent discoveries
Love and pain are two sides of a coin
Tossed to flip continuously in the air

While it flips it remains hearts of aches
And when it falls, it is always heads up
For tattered dreams and fallen hopes
Burrowed deeply on our sorrowed faces

Our solemn parting held no goodbyes
We saw but pretended the end was not
We were together apart, hoping...
That the future could still belong to us

8th February 2012


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