Sunday, 19 February 2012


The Ominous Mind broods over a sea of ideas
Thoughts flame through the expansive firmaments
Interlocking, engaging and creating patterns
Before bursting into words, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

The nature of the Infinitive rejoices
Boundless leaps of rays break loose in joyous hymns
Streaming freely in prisms of the elements
To resurrect the beauties of colours and space

The formless Being commands obedience to flow
Arise and be separate in terraces and hills
Undulating dunes and curving forms in bays
Laced with serpent-rivers, waterfalls and delta ways

The Lord of heavens communes by floating forms
Agitated giants arise in aggressive mien
While from their feet the canvassing earth roams free
Hugging lakes and spawning caves and crevices

Wisdom articulates rooted living greens and browns
Fed from the womb of interlocking terraces
At their feet, lesser vegetation scrubs the dirt
Birthing flowery waves to the host of the skies

The Highest fills the air with sinews of logic
Invisible pathways transverse the realm between
The wind surfers hold a parade of flight skills
Dancing on the living breath of the Almighty God

Righteousness sits on the firmament of firmaments
Decreeing the innocence of forest roamers
The wariness of the prey and its stalking predator
In a choreograph to the music of life and death

The Bellowing Voice that utters all things to be
Spoke life into the strongholds depths of blue and green
And brine drunken philosophers embraced its vastness
Courting and carousing foreshadows of vegetations

The Sovereign decrees destinies of clones of understanding
To mirror his power and majesty of his ominous mind
Behold the prince by which all things are begotten
In the reverberation of simulating appears

Dominion arose from the dusty face of the earth
Endued with powers of cascading intelligence
Rising in the octaves and billows of scented sacrifice
To the stealth and traction that overcomes the world


29th August 2008

Ayoola Babatunde Oke


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