Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to become a Youtube Vocal Artist

This article is gonna be a really valuable kit of information if you are an aspiring solo Vocal artist, there is a lot of money in the music biz, and if you have the guts, and the talent, it's a sure thing that you'll make it big.

the only down side is it takes a lot of money to actually record songs, and that's the problem, not all of us have the money these days to record our songs in fancy recording studios, and it takes even more to make videos independently, and there's only a one in a million chance that an indie recording goes viral, ( Que Kolaveri Di ).

if you are low on budget, and wanna become a rising star. here are a few tips for you to actually make it big and cash out on all that talent that is bubbling under the surface.

First thing you need to do to get a channel now is to get a google account, if you already have a gmail ID that's perfect beacause all you need to do is log into google with your gmail account and navigate to youtube select a username and it will make a channel for you if you have problems Follow this simple guide on how to make a youtube account.

make friends on youtube, search out cover artists, watch their videos, get the tips and tricks, make comments on their videos, share cool stuff that you find online with them, learning how other's make good videos and creating a large base of followers will help in the long run, there will always be a number of people who will share your track if they like it, and you'll get comments and likes, which is the ultimate goal of creating Music, to feel good and to share.

take the time to make a recording station, meaning a room that is free from all external noise, where you can setup your recording equipment. and by equipment i mean either your laptop or desktop with a reasonable cam and mic, that's all you need in most cases at the start.

Find some music, if you are a vocal artist check out the karaoke tracks in this blog pick your favourite and go wild, or go on over to youtube and check out the Karaoke Channel which is incidentally the source of most of the Karaoke tracks i have embedded in this blog.

Download the audio editing software audacity. it's really easy to use and really doesn't take all that much time to get setup and running. check out the manuals to help get you up to speed to be able to work on the software.

there are a lot of online resources to download YouTube videos online, just search for a few and you will find them or use the youtube downloader available on CNET, convert it into mp3, if the process sounds too complicated use this online tool to convert youtube videos directly into mp3 online and download it onto your system.

Import the Track into audacity and it will make a track, all you need to do is press the record button and sing in the mike in time to the music, wear headphones so that the audio output does not interfere with the actual recording and create reverb.

use your editing skills gained from the manuals to edit the tracks, add the effects you feel make your track sound better but dont overdo it, too much effects take away the original voice and that's never good.

Use windows live movie maker, or other software similar to attach a picture collage to your music, images that reflect the content of the song really go over well, fade in effects at the ending of the verses and other such tricks make for a great feel.

once you have made your video, upload it to your youtube account, make sure to add the relavent tags in the video so that is is easily searchable. and share it with all your friends.

the whole process never takes more than a few hours at most, and if you make sure you keep creating quality content on the weekends even, by the end of a year you would have an awesome youtube channel with a load of views.

the key to being successful is consitent effort, never let go of your dreams, and learn to make things happen, if you think you can do it you can. hope i could be of help, do come back to read some more of my work, my interests range from Poetry to music, critical thinking to lazy writing and everything in between :)


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