Saturday, 28 July 2012

Prelude - Key to Success

I was sitting and working on a project and the light went out, i was stuck without anything to do so i let my mind wander as usual.

while i was thinking i realized that all throughout my life i have felt that i would do great things someday, and weirdly enough in the same moment i thought about how many other people alive at this moment on this great third rock from the sun felt the same as i do.

the moment this realization struct me, i felt a kinship with all my fellow wanderers, the victims of marked destinies, i began to think of all the people who had achieved success in the past, those that knew that they were born to do great things, which got me thinking about the reasons, the causes, the why's and the when's , and it started a whole chain of thought in my mind.

i started churning my brain recalling all the books i had ever read, all the biographies of those successful writers, and then my vision broadened, i started thinking about all the notable names of the past and present and started thinking about their achievements and their paths and trials that they went through to achieve their success, this got me thinking about the people who never find their path, those that never see the moments that bring everything to gether, those people that never get their catalyzing moments, those that fail to see their staiway to succes.

i have seen many people in my life who have not been able to achieve their greatness, people who work hard all their life and never find their defining moments, people who struggle , day in and day out. and never achieve success, people like you and me who know inside that they are ment for bigger and better things and still never get to find those catalyzing moments, those moments that become the key to success.

i immersed my being into these thoughts and i realized one thing, i saw a parallel, in my mind's eye i felt the hints of strong overlapping patterns, and i realized , that creating those cirsumstances was what was needed, getting that moment, getting those lives linked to yours, getting those threads of destinies intertwined to become an amazing tapersty that could catalyze the seeds of greatness inside.

there is always a chance to become great, what we fail to see are the connections we need to build, the karma we need to gather, the thoughts we need to bring and the one's we need to deny, the feelings we need to feel that magnetize our soul, and bring the catalyzing moments closer to the path of our destiny.

my heart tells me to read more into these thoughts, that it is something that i was born to do, these thoughts somehow bring my mind peace, one that i have never known for a long long time, in my troubled life, a feeling of belonging to a purpose greater than me, with me being a piece of the whole, and not important yet not insignificant, a feeling of being woven in the tapestry of the lives of those people my purpose will connect me to, a sense of the energy of combined fate and chance being plied and forged by will and thought.

another side of me , the darker part of my soul tells me that this is too big a task, and that my meager soul is not worth it, i may not be strong enough, this voice of doubt is a powerful voice, and what it makes me realize is that i alone do not have the strength to end this voice, that my tapestry cannot be forged from my thread alone.

i will share my words, this is what it comes to at last, in the hopes that other's who wish to find me will find me, and we will weave together a masterpiece of shining destinies, for a hope that our threads will weave a better future, for the greater good.

i will patiently wait to guide, to instruct, to challenge, and bring other's to the realization of their destinies, it is what my heart tells me i am born to do.

i wish not to be a king
rather a maker of kings i be

living in hollow hovel
where even giants will tread with awe.

Let my words find them
and let their fates be bound

for the fulfillment of cherished passions
for the greater good of all.

and on this i bid Adieu

May my words find you on feeting wings of chance and good fortune, and may my words be a talisman, to make your dying embers flash forward with pheonix grace and begin to shine anew.

Yours Truly.

Rambling Sage.


This rings so true. I often feel that I am capable of doing much more with my life but fail to take the required steps

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