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Problems Making Money ?

Problems Making Money ?

if you are having problems making a good and dependable income and are searching ways to have a higher income, you only need some time and reflection, i wont tell you that reading what i have written will magically provide you with thousands and millions in a few days, that would be a lie, all i can do for you is what was done for me, when i asked the same question, a while ago when i was broke and down on luck.

What's the Solution you Ask !

I have been researching a lot of methods of making income. and the best thing that i found out is that do what you like doing. seeing as though i love writing. the thing that i can do is create a bucketloads of content and make ebooks and publish them online in one place. i think if i am consistent enough someone will come buying, i can promote using social bookmarking and social media websites, and if i optimize my content titles those who are looking for my work will be able to find it easily. but this is just me. what do you think is your niche !!!

The real secret behing thousands in hours !!

see every one of us thinks in the beginning that there is some magical money tree. the holy grail of the uber couch potato.. people want to make something by doing nothing.. and some people are good at that.. it is not a dream.. yes there are people who get hundreds if not thousands just sitting at home.. do you want to know their secret... they were born with huge savings accounts, all the rest of us i think have to make money buy rubbing our noses raw against the grindstones.

dont take me the wrong way, i really dont mean to say that the only way to make money is by doing hard work, not at all, in fact making money is the most easiest thing in the world if you find the thing you like to work in. if not, nose, grindstone, rubbing.

Finding The Niche !!

well took me a long time to realize that i had a gift with the written word. how i got that, ok i will let you in on my secret, when i was young i read a lot of books, started out with comics, then progressed to novels, then even started reading research papers as a past time, i increased my vocabulary tremendously, started reading multiple newspapers and online Ezines, and any and all kinds of publications. and in the 27 years of being alive on the planet earth i spent an ungodly amount of time amassing this store of words in my mind, utimately as it was bound to happen My Cup Runneth over, and i started creating content,

my first foray was poetry and that has been my central passion, comes most easliy to me, so i did that, eventually i progressed to writing training manuals,and other boring official stuff, international correspondance, i usually got jobs in the marketing department, based on the cover letters i used to submit with my Resume, and even then i never knew what i had, the Gift of Gab.

ultimately on a rainy evening in october i took the final plunge and wrote my first story and that got great inital acceptance, someone suggested why dont you make a whole book and sell the damn thing, and then it finally dawned, i spent so much time looking for my golden goose i never realized i myself was the golden goose, and the words i had the ability to create was my golden egg. i am not that different from you. i am a human being. i turned my hobby into a source of income. and you can do the same too.

What's My Niche you ask ?

Well only you can answer that question. wether it's your stamp collection or your model planes, or your ability to create amazing melodies on the guitar, or your comic book collection, there is one defining ability that makes you special. something that makes you unique. and only you can find that special light withing youself. do not think for a moment it is not there, if you have a soul there is that little spark inside you waiting to turn into a flame, something there inside you is waiting at this moment to come to life, to come into being, that first thought that came in your mind reading these words, could that be it ?? could that be your niche ?? yes it could be !!.. all it will take is a little bit of work to bring it to light. allow me to guide your steps.

    Some Interesting Ideas..

     Lets try a small experiment. answer the following questions as truthfully as you can

  • what kind of food you like ? write it down

  • Now that you have selected a type of food, Italian or chinese, or oriental, start listing out the names of the dishes that you have eaten..

  • now list out the names of dishes you havent eaten but know about

  • ok now select one that you have recently eaten and write down a few ingredients.

  • now select one that you dont know and write down a few ingredients.

  • go on google and search if you were correct. ignore minor variations.

  • if you were this signifies that you have a good knowledge of food.

    how can you make money from this ??

  • Create a website to rank all restaurants in your city that offer that food. give them reviews. alongwith advertising their restaurant on your website. initiate a joint venture with the restaurants to promote their business through your website. launch an online discount coupon and have the restaurant honor that. in exchange for your marketing service. or any feasible venture. to make your website more attractive offer periodic discounts, launch a youtube cooking channel and link that to your web. women will love that. fix it so that before the video starts an ad plays for the restaurant you are promoting. the more value you give your customers the more you will recieve. in traffic which in turn will offer you the chance of greater ad placement revenue. just an idea !

  • make a website with only recipies of new dishes, create new dishes record videos and sell them online..

  • write an ebook of recipies and sell that online

  • create a blog with your thoughts on various dishes and interviews of various chefs, have an interview of a chef a week. use adsense to monetize your blog, promote your blog by having culinary gatherings, compile the content of your blog and convert it to a book.

these were all ideas off the top of my head. i am sure that by giving some time in reflection you will be able to find better ideas to implement. the 4 most important questions are always what, when, where, why, the last question is how.

dont worry about means, think of the ways, and start walking, all you need to do is walk the path that is already laid out in front of you.

with these words i bid farewell, i hope my words are able to inspire you to action.

Yours Truly Always and Forever

Waqas Rabbani.

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