Monday, 21 November 2011

Economic Global Implosions

Fill the banks with cash people recession is again rearing up it's ugly head and we are no more in control of the situation then we were in 2008, in fact if you take the time to look at the facts and figures we are no more in control of our beast of an economy anyway you look at it, all we can do is plan out the best contingencies and hope they are able to sustain us in the colossal dip that is looming ahead of us ensuring that we can keep moving on ahead with a level head, this advice is great for corporations but what will it mean for the average Joe.

expect torrential unemployment, the average person will have much more time on their hand to complain about the failing economy than usual, thereby increasing in the green house effect by contribution of a lot of hot air, which will no doubt ruin the environment as well as speeding economic degradation by making more and more people ineffective at their livelihoods, through the mutual sharing of depression and the loss of job phobia.

also expect thunderous inflation, the average person can expect to limit their spending by as much as 50 % in the better cases, in the worst case scenario expect to live of instant cook noodles for months at a time.

when you stop and look at the big picture, we cannot draw a particular conclusion as to why we are suffering periodic global economic meltdowns, if at the micro levels we all plan and structure businesses to great effect, and at the national level the dynamic is more centered toward providing a sustainable growth to new and existing businesses, where does the fault lie exactly, these are profound questions we must ask ourselves standing this close to the abyss, how will we survive this fall, how long will it take to recover, and how long will it take for us to realize the weak links or the proverbial leaks in our economy.


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