Monday, 21 November 2011

Popular Superstitions

throughout the course of time, there has been a collective growth in human knowledge, we have the insatiable desire to give reason and logic to all things that happen around us, even though sometime the real reasons may elude us entirely. this is in part the reason that there are so many myths and superstitions around us. though created for various purposes and intents, to explain various happenings.

undermentioned are some of the more persistent superstitions that have endured through the course of human history.

  1. It is believed that if you collect nine different flowers on a midsummers eve and put then under you pillow before you go to sleep for the night you will dream of the person you will marry.

  2. It is believed if you catch the first dalling leaf of autumn you will never catch a cold the whole winter

  3. most people believe that the candles of a birthday cake if blown out at once will make a wish made before blowing out the candles come true.

  4. It is believed that if two people break a wishbone , good luck will come to the person with the bigger half.

  5. It was believed through celtic tradition that if you ever speak of bad luck, you should always knock on wood, consequently when you speak of good luck, it is generally thought that it brings more good luck

  6. Nokia has not launched a series of mobile starting in 4 in the southeast asia region beacuse it is a less commonly known superstition that the number 4 is believed to be unlucky in many parts of Southeast/East Asia.

  7. It is believed among pirates that piercing ears with silver and gold had the potential to improve one's eyesight

  8. It is a common superstition that it is bad luck to leave the house through the same door you came in through, this is the same reason that exits are usually situated separate from entrances in most major institutions.

  9. It is believed that amber beads can cure colds and protect against illnesses.

  10.  It is believed that if you put an acorn on your window your home will not be hit with lightening.  Is is believed that an acorn if carried can bring luck and ensure long life,

  11. It is less commonly believed that keeping an acorn will help in saving one from getting struck by lightening.

  12. It is believed among motorcycle enthusiasts that hanging a bell from the bike would ward of evil road spirits.

  13. Sailors have a lot of superstitions , such as, bringing anything that is of the color blue will result in a bad voyage, sailing on a Friday is also considered bad luck, leaving the cover of a hatch upside down is also considered bad luck or to eat walnuts on board the deck.

  14. It is believed that removing a wedding ring after you have worn it will bring bad luck.

  15. It is less commonly believed good luck among Russians to sit on luggage before taking itout of the house

  16. Putting newly bought shoes on a bed or a table is believed to be bad luck in most parts of the world.

  17. It is very less commonly believed that placing keys on the table will bring the one who owns the keys bad luck.

  18. It is widely believed that keeping an open umbrella in the house will result in 21 days of bad luck. especially if you place it over your head

  19. Walking under a ladder is also believed widely to be the leading cause of bad luck, although it is also widely know that walking backward through the same ladder can nullify the effects.

  20. Breaking a mirror is also considered bad luck as it is thought that mirrors are windows to the soul and breaking one would break the person's soul

  21. There is dispute among different people about the black cat superstition, some people believe that it causes bad luck while other's believe that it brings good luck. some people also believe that black cats are familiars, the source of a magician's power.

  22. An upright horseshoe is thought to collect the good luck a person has, although if the horseshoe is turned upside down, it is thought that the luck drains out of it.



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