Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Desperate Like Beggars Seeding Hate

What they wont do for a Like

i was reading an article about Facebook Timeline, and it got me thinking, the dynamic of social media and how much we share really has changed a lot in the last few years,

Gone are the notions of privacy we once adhered to , and now there is a new phobia emerging in the teenagers of today, the LIKE Phobia, the incessant need to create compelling and exiting content, to get appreciation from peers, the more a person has likes on their facebook status or that new video that they have posted the more they are considered to be popular and in the "IN CROWD".

As long as it could be just the narcissistic need to express individuality and get appreciation from peers there could be nothing to worry about, the worrying aspect is that there is a new dynamic emerging in the creation of the most engaging, exiting, and interesting content that others will like.

people spare no stone unturned in creating content to get a like, some might exploit gender, others Race, still others employ religion, the trend is not altogether apparent and outright but the element is slowly creeping into our social circles, very prominently noticeable when we take a look around us. social media has been a revelation, and a beatific innovation for humanity, but one has to wonder if is not turning into a two edged sword, concerns for privacy aside the bigger concern is now how people are being singled out and how new groups of like minded individuals can be formed just by punching out a new thought or an idea into the social web.

One has to think on the darker aspects towards the availability of a tool for mass recruiting, or the organization of a hate campaign.

We saw in the not too distant past the persistence of many anti religious hate mongering in the social web specially centered on facebook, through the creation of anti-religious groups and anti-social groups targeted at various minorities and races, though newer policies were implemented that allowed a group of people to combat against anti-social content and woke up the creators of the platforms to the concept that not all things are meant to be publicly shared. But one has to wonder. What will be the future for the consumers of social media. Will these small things lead to big things. Will our likes and dislikes lead to social war zones. These are questions that we must ask ourselves in the pursuit of the ultimate satisfaction of our ego's


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