Monday, 21 November 2011

Greenpeace or Green Please !!!

how times change and how fleeting is the collective conscious of humanity, i remember a few years back Davis Guggenheim and his eye opening documentary of Al Gore's campaign to educate the world about the effects of global warming,aptly titled An Incovenient Truth, made a huge statement that caught everyone's eye, and people started paying attention to their individual decisions and the effects of their decisions on the environment, but where do we stand now.

recent survey conducted by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and marketing research firm Synovate found that almost one-in-ten respondents declared they are "not at all concerned" by climate change, which does not seem like all that much but when you compare that to last year it's almost a hundred percent increase.

my opinion is that economic conditions globally are forcing us to rethink our priorities, safeguarding the environemnt will always take a back seat to feeding your children i guess, and when you are laid of from work because the business went broke, you are still less likely to join the latest Greenpeace protest, and more likely to submit your resume to the same environment unfriendly factory that is still giving out jobs in time of recession.

there will always be die hard supporters of mother earth out there but i fear that their numbers are dwindling and the trend in times of recession will not be Greenpeace but Green Please, as in the kind that can help you gas up your car and feed your children.

we need to stop and consider the implications of our actions, we need to realize that the actions that we take now will effect the coming generations, and in a really big way. i personally feel that we should strive to create a balance between the nurture and nature and here i mean nature in the literal sense, as in safeguarding the environment, if we cannot take direct actions at least we can teach our children how to take decisions that will safeguard the future of successive generations.


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