Monday, 21 November 2011

Dentists Join the Social Media Bandwagon

it is not only small medium enterprises and consumer brands that have joined the social revolution, the latest addition to the ever growing family of businesses is the Dental Experts, yes, it is now possible to tweet with your favorite dentists and discuss that latest tooth decay, or that gum infection that you may be having.

A Leading Dentist in Lombard Il, Recently launched a Twitter account and Facebook Page for their Practice for the purpose of interacting with clients and staff.

more and more businesses are realizing the worth of going online and interacting with their clients through social media, a social layer of interaction around the business comprising of twitter, facebook, google + and additional Social media websites could potentially create great exposure for local brands and their offerings to the masses, early adopters of the trend stand to have a greater edge and more leverage compared to competitors in gaining the trust of their clients.

if the current trends of online promotion hold common users can expect to feel like islands adrift in a sea of solicitation in social media, still as trends progress they evolve so we can still hope for the best. till then keep crossing out all those ads in your facebook inbox or google circle or that random solicitation on your blog post.


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