Monday, 21 November 2011

Twitter Can Help Graph Social Trends

who knew that one little bird could have the power to change the world, when twitter first launched people were pessimistic of the ability to share and explore content in the limit of 140 characters, but the flexibility of use and the high speed ability to share information with everyone, and the ability to create customized news feeds from subscribing to the people who's tweets you liked became an instant rave.

the reason that twitter rose to meteoric heights was the simple fact that most international celebrities jumped on the bandwagon instantly and used twitter as a tool to communicate with their huge fan bases, and as people started coming on board twitter to follow their idols, they started learning the flexibilites that twitter allowed thereby contributing to a snowball effect that steamrolled the social media platform.

where do we stand now, look around you, i can assure you if you are in your office right now there are at least 2 colleagues out of 10 who tweet religiously. for most it has become a lifestyle, a hobby, even an obsession, yet others have made it their livelihood. Yes people are earning money from tweeting. departmental stores tweet the prices of their discounted products to all their followers, who can give instant feedback and place orders online, concerts are promoted using tweets, even humanitarian efforts are organized in the twitterverse.

with over half the world's population tweeting, the twitterverse has undoubtedly become the largest online resource of information on the web, consequently it has turned from a nerdy contraption to a thing of actual value for mega corporations and consumer oriented organizations.

you may be asking at this point why would mega corporations be interested in your tweet, well i have to say they are not directly interested in your tweet or the millions of other individual tweets for that matter, they are interested in the aggregates, the hash-tags they want to know what is trending and where it's @t; Twitter provides the ultimate solution.

By Introducing a graph to the system large organizations would be able to see huge consumer trends and align their products and services in response to the growing demand. this holds unlimited potential, and is a very exiting phase in online development for corporations that are focused on customer satisfaction.

ultimately it is a win win situation since we tweet about things we want to inform others about and using that same information to provide us products and services oriented towards our needs. all we can say about this is never underestimate the power of the little blue bird.


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