Monday, 21 November 2011

Google Plus an Initial Observation

The Cat is Finally out of the Bag, it has been a while now since google plus was launched and now that the initial hype has died down we see the real google plus emerge from the dust of the stampede a little bruised but none the worse for wear.

Google Plus was headed for a collision with facebook ever since the big execs started calling it their social platform, and people started called it the facebook killer, a hype that the company persisted hoping for instant mass appeal, which we now know has failed to break off the scores of facebook users from their home platform.

taking a look at the google interface we feel that the whole offering is decidedly google, containing elements of minimalism and accessibility in perfect balance, since not a lot of people are on google + at this point in time more developed services cannot be truly felt and people take it at face value, which compared to facebook's current offering falls somewhat short.

granted the Circles interface is highly exiting and very useful, but after the initial creation and successive maintaining there are not many things that you will be doing with it.

the Sparks leaves much to be desired, aggregating all news on the web around your particular search term, sparks combines the power of google's massive search engine coupled with the power of social media allowing you to share content with you followers.

the Huddle the least talked about and from personal experience the most exiting service that is being offered by google, the clarity is amazing, it blows away the Skype experience clean out of the air, and the ability to Multi-conference with people from the other corner of the globe is totally amazing.

google games are really exiting we loved teaming up with our friends and pwning rival alliances or destroying maar confedaracy bases on Edge World, but when we went back to facebook we found war commander by kixeye we were blown away be the superior interface through it felt a bit less social than Edge world which allows real time chat in the game with other team members.

all in all google + is a great package, something that people will come to love, as we have said before google came out of the first collision with a few bruises but we know that google + is made of sterner stuff and will survive.

the stage is set for the next collision of the Titans as facebook prepares to come out with Timeline, a bold step by facebook which could swing in favor or either platform, either driving traffic away from facebook or by taking back the subscribers that facebook lost at the time Google + was born to the world.


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