Monday, 21 November 2011

How to Create Viral Content

Creating Viral content is the Holy Grail of Bloggers and content marketeers everywhere, people are always looking for the best way to showcase their offering and creating innovative and offbeat content so that people will like and share it, what is the secret of sharing, what makes people want to share something, there is no exact manual out there or foolproof way that i have come across that covers all the bases and helps you create amazing and dynamic content, but using the tips will improve visibility.

Creating viral content is more about being consistent and focusing on your reader more than anything. if you dot your i's and cross the t's , and make sure you understand the how's, what's, when's, where's & why's. you are well on your way to create Viral content already.

if you take the time to read seth godin's post what makes an idea go viral you will get a very good idea of what it takes to make an idea go viral.

here is a list of 5 things you can do to ensure your ideas get shared

  • Consider your message before creation

you should take your time before the creation to think what goals you wish to accomplish, are you intending to create a video or some article, will you be promoting a product or service or is it just a simple blurb of information,( be resigned to the fact that it will take more effort to promote products than some piece of information, on the other hand if the product is a monopoly and has practical use nothing would be easier to make viral).


  • Eye catching introduction

nothing helps to an idea or content to go viral more than having an eye catching introduction, it involves both the visual effect and the manner of the offering of information, if it is unique and innovative, people will be more inclined to actually follow through on your content. people hate reading long boring academic titles and actually actively shun those that seem too salesey, do dial down the genius and the salesman in you and make the title sound exiting and friendly and i assure you, you will get the clicks that you are looking for.


  • Dynamic Content

dynamic content means the creation of content that is flexible and urges the reader to contnue, things that keep the reader's attention generally are.

  • Concise Segmented Content

you should break your content into smaller chunks of digestible informaiton this applies to articles that have a length more than 300 words


  • proper spelling and punctuation

nothing would annoy your readers more than having to wade through a sea of spelling mistakes and gramattical errors


  • logical content structure

people are more likely to read through your content if it is structured well enough, the chain of logic should have a steramlined flow, nothing should feel out of place or awkward or irrelevant , but here there is a contradiction some times being offbeat wins out in the end, so this step is most iffy at best, if you can make the reader stop and think about something that would be a plus point, not have them retract from continuing through to the end.


  • The WOW factor

if you write something know that the hook always has to be there that makes the person want to share your content further, it could be a spin job or it could be something that instigagtes an emotional response. that makes the reader connect with your words. but that WOW factor has to be there to make them want to share it with their peers


  • Perseverance

Commitment to the work will make you achieve your viral goals faster than anything, if you can stick to it and keep on making newer and fresher content there will be a greater likelihood of achieving success in the long the immortal words of Bill Gates. Content is King, so be original be creative and see the magic happen


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