Monday, 21 November 2011

Fieldrunner App for Android

for those of you who love tower defense games the fieldrunner app for android is just the thing for you, after the immense success with the original iOS app that came out in October of 2008, the developers over at Subatomic Studios released cross platform versions for fieldrunner on Nintendo DSi, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, the app found it's way to the Android platform in July 2011, on the Amazon Appstore and Android Market.

in as few words as possible the game can be described as a visually stunning, highly addictive time sink, although a very played our genre where apps are available a dime a dozen this title stands out and really give the value for money that it promises

following is the video of the actual gameplay

the game is an amazing addon to the android store and a must have app for all the die hard tower defense genre lovers out there, you would do yourself a disservice by not having this in your arsenal of android apps.


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