Monday, 21 November 2011

Zipping Along on the Fly

the FlyKly is the ultimate must have mode of transportation for the Eco friendly citizen of today. powered by an ion lithium battery and with all the functionality you would find on a regular scooter, the realization of fossil fuel dependency has make us acknowledge the fact that we have to make a change, not just because of the fact that fossil fuels are perishable, and will end one day but also because of the consumption of fossil fuels is contributing to global warming permanently damaging the environment.

The FlyKly provides a perfect solution with the battery getting a full charge in 4 hours and giving you a travelling radius of 40 miles additional the pedals are also functional and serve to charge the bike on the go truly making the FlyKly a versatile mode of transportation.

There is no registration or licensing required to own and ride a FlyKly as it does not fall under the motor vehicle category, although it does look much along the lines of an electric scooter it is much more closer to being a bike. It comes equipped with both front and back disc brakes that stop it on the drop of a hat, or a pin as it were since it makes less noise than a bike going down the street.

all in all the FlyKly is a great product and does wonders for the environment, i wish it were a bit more friendly to the wallet as the $1990 Price tag kind of hit us on the soft side of the wallet, still you could really make a saving on the bus fare and gas in the long run.

Ultimately it is an investment in a greener and cleaner future and those who find that valuable enough will invest in one and be proud of their contribution, and it doesn't hurt that you save up thousands on gas and fare.


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