Monday, 21 November 2011

Facebook Timeline

we at Munarshable have been in a love hate relationship with the steady stream of updates that facebook has been coming out with, the early change in the interface aggravated us to the extreme, the news feed had us up in arms, but the thing about facebook updates is that the more you are annoyed by them in the beginning the more you come to love them in the end.

i think it is because we already like facebook so much that we feel that it cant really get any better, but kudos to Mark Zukberg, on being daring enough and bold enough to innovate an already innovative platform further.

here we would like to take time to introduce the latest innovation being offered by facebook called timeline, the Promo video of timeline is really exiting.

what's gonna happen after it comes out is anyone guess, here is an article about the history of the development of timeline. the interface is going to totally revamp the look of the average profile, and i am sure it will be met with the same criticism as all facebook updates are.

for those of you interested in having a go at the updated interface , all you have to do is CLICK HERE and follow the steps mentioned in this article to start your own timeline experience.

We believe that introducing timeline is a terribly bold move considering the recent launch of google plus, if too many people get irritated by the somewhat less than friendly interface of facebook timeline, facebook just might find that they pushed the envelope to far when it came to the balance between functionality and user friendly interface, and suffer by losing out on their hard earned die hard fan base.

What happens after timeline is launched is still a debate, although we do feel that the interface has potential. perhaps facebook might find this time they went a bit too far.


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