Monday, 21 November 2011

The Future of Social Media

imagine waking up one day to a prearranged alarm on your cell phone, and as soon as you hit snooze, your friends from the other corner of the world can comment on how lazy you are. get dressed and zoom out and swipe your phone on a display screen on your door and you home locks up automatically, you go to your car and swipe your cell and the car door opens up and allows you entry, you select a prearranged destination from your cell and hit go and the car starts driving automatically,while you tune in your favorite music, and start working on your most important emails, while drinking from the in car coffee maker, and throughout all this all your friends are updated to each and every instance of your waking moment.

from the analysis of the song that is playing in the in car entertainment system to the analysis of the sound that your laptop keys make signifying that you are working and not to be disturbed till you log in to your social media account from your laptop. to reporting your destination and making sure you get there by communicating with your car and giving directions, the gadgets of tomorrow will do it all.

we are moving towards a social media revolution and the next logical step is cloud apps that will help perform those day to day functions and provide us with a friction-less method of updating our friends to the lives we lead, weather every person would opt for such a life is another question, but there is no denying the power and impact such applications could have in out lives. imagine an automatic distress call from your handheld device the a sign of an emergency to your entire social networking circle or a select group as defined by you and the local authorities, imagine the significance of such a thing and how powerful it could be in saving lives.

social media is only as invasive as we allow it to be, and there could be a lot of exploration as to how we can use the invasive nature of social media to our advantage, i do admit to some point the whole reason for social media is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, to provide the people with a platform to put in their data and the corporations to view and create targeted products that would have great long term appeal, but it is also my belief that someone will someday realize the long term significance of the impact of social media and how it can be used as a lifeline and a safeguard against unwanted circumstances, a veritable virtual shield providing security and protection. and a means to safeguard, preserve and improve the quality of Human Life.


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