Monday, 21 November 2011

YouTube Celebrities Get the Limelight

we have known for a long time that evolving tech trends would switch our ideas of celebrity eventually, ever since YouTube came out and allowed an independent platform for expression, there have been scores of people who took the task to making their channels and uploading fresh and innovative content, some chose to sing, while others chose to rant, still other's chose to upload entire travelogues and how to videos on all subjects under the sun.

it was easy to expect the outcome, most of the people who remained original became overnight celebrities, by having their content go viral through social media, most got exited by the fact that YouTube was allowing partnerships, and a lot of people made it their aim to become YouTube partners,

YouTube Partner roughly defined means a person who is not a brand or company gets money from the ads people click while on their channel.

what started out as a way to find some use for the webcam other than periodically chatting with friends has become a full blown occupation and lifestyle for lots of people worldwide. with YouTube Conventions happening now, it's going to take time but i believe that we will be seeing channels on out TV dedicated to the Most Viewed YouTube Videos or YouTube channel videos of local celebrities.


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