Monday, 21 November 2011

Travel Website Expedia to Go Social

We at Munarshable have recently come across news of the fact that the enourmously popular US based travel Website Expedia has descided to go Social, we consider this another step in the advent of the Social Revolution where all our services will be available on social cloud platforms, you can learn more about Expedia Going Social HERE .

Expedia apparently realized the potential of their presence on social media platforms and how it brought them qualitative interaction with their clients, their decision to go social was prompted by need to create a greater engagement with their brand, by including a social layer to their brand, by allowing users the ability to like content on their landing pages they hope to increase user awareness, having successfully launched campaigns in the past like the FriendTrips Facebook® campaign and having huge success with that, was another reason that prompted the people over at Expedia to take the step onto the social bandwagon.


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